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Sensual Studio v2.0  

Upload: 13 Jul 2023, 11:50
Created by: PECO [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Sensual Studio v2.0


When all the game versions of the masterpieces of painting have already been created, and your artists have lost their inspiration, it's time to throw them something interesting! This mod will allow Sims to draw a variety of explicit works of art on easels and graphics tablets.

Key features:
 - new spicy paintings* that match the style and aesthetics of the game;
 - a separate group of interactions in the menu of easels and graphic tablets;
 - new art books and magazines to inspire and improve your drawing skills;
 - new functional items and decor for decorating your artist's studio;
 - support for third-party frames for ready-made paintings in standard game sizes.

Tired of your sims painting the same old things?... It's time to spice things up! Welcome to Sensual Studio! The new ero-painting mod, that features original, lore-friendly erotic artworks for your sims to paint, through the new "Erotic Painting" category added to the Easel and Sketchpad. ❤️

Unlike most other painting mods, this mod does not replace or override any other in-game paintings, but adds completely new ones to the pool available.
All paintings are Exclusive Original Content, and features sims models for maximum lore-friendly immersion.

Tested and working with any TS4 game versions between 1.90.358 - 1.98.158
(Please note that this does not mean that this mod doesn't possibly work with game versions older or newer than that - it most likely will - I just can not guarantee that it will work perfectly.)


  • Custom Erotic Paintings: Your sims can paint all sorts of naughty stuff through the new Erotic Painting category added to the ingame Easel and Sketchpad.
  • Custom Books and Magazines: Your sims can level up their painting skills while reading these, and maybe even get inspired to paint a unique hidden Masterpiece
  • Custom Objects: Various new objects to spice up your kinky art studio and help your sim work faster and better.
  • Third Party Frame Support: All finished artworks are using the default ingame canvas sizes, so they're all compatible with third party framing mods.

There are four main painting categories available at the moment:

  • Nude Sketch (available below Painting skill level 5)
  • Female Nude Paintings (medium size unlocks at Painting skill level 2, large at level 4)
  • Male Nude Paintings (medium size unlocks at Painting skill level 2, large at level 4)
  • Explicit Paintings (medium size unlocks at Painting skill level 2, large at level 4)


Digital Deluxe Sketchpad
A superior version of the lame old basic sketchpad!
More colours! Faster CPU!... and it even comes with the latest version of LlamaPaint v6.9 installed.
Do even more, even faster!

Can be bought from Activities and Skills > Creative

New Painting Skill Book and Arts Magazines
Unlock your inner Leonardo DaSimci by leveling up your Painting Skill using these new books and magazines... and who knows, at the end maybe you can even create the ultimate masterpiece.

Can be bought from Purchase Book... > Skill


Sexy recolors of some painting related ingame objects to help you personalize and spice up your private art studio.

Can be bought from Decorations > Clutter


All finished artworks are using the default ingame canvas sizes, so they're all compatible with third party framing mods.

For the mod to work, you have to Download and Install the Sensual Studio Mod Framework first.
IMPORTANT: When updating the MOD FILES to a newer version, always overwrite older files when prompted to.

    1. Download the latest mod framework from the MAIN FILES
    2. Unzip it with 7zip or other compatible zip/rar software.
    3. Copy the whole "CinErotique Sensual Studio" folder AS IT IS straight into your Sims4 "Mods" folder.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, as the PECO_MOD_Sensual_Studio.ts4script file can not be more than one folder deep within the Mods folder!

  1. Move any ARTSPACK package files you might already have into the "CinErotique Sensual Studio/ART_PACKS" folder.
  2. Make sure you've enabled both "Content and Mods" and "Script Mods" in the game's Game Options > Other settings.
  3. The core framework installation is now done, so let's move onto the "ART PACKS" section and download some actual paintings...


By default, the base mod framework only contains one painting for each theme and size, you can add more paintings by downloading ART PACKS from the OPTIONAL FILES section in the FILES tab.

  • You can download and install as many or as few packs as you like! there's no limit! The mod automatically recognizes installed content.
  • Don't forget to unzip the downloaded files before you copy them over to "CinErotique Sensual Studio/ART_PACKS" folder within your Sims 4 Mods folder.

All public ARTSPACK package files available here on NEXUS contains 8 high-resolution paintings, but if you feel like upgrading, please consider subscribing to my PATREON, where you can access the full version of each ARTPACKS, containing 2 additional Exclusive Paintings for each pack


    • Q: Does this mod works with XY painting replacers

A: This mod is totally independent, it does not replace or override anything, so yes, it should be compatible with ANY and ALL other painting mods.

    • Q: Is it possible to add my own paintings to this mod.

A: No, at least not directly. But you can submit your scene in this topic, and if it passes on both the artistic and technical level, I will include it in a future Community Arts Pack release.

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  1. Zelnogar
    Zelnogar [Users]
    9 May 2024 04:43

    toda una obra de arte este mod mi amigo gracias buen mod ;)