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Programs / modding [24]

S4 CAS Tools - updated to V3.8.1.0 11.49 MB

S4 CAS Tools - updated to V3.8.1.0

10 Mar 2023, 17:15

This is a full-purpose tool for creating CAS custom content for TS4. It's specifically meant to work with Milkshape 3D and to get around the limitations of using MS3D for Sims 4 meshes, but many of the functions can be done with OBJ or DAE files which can be used by almost any meshing program.

TS4 Package Searcher 151.9 KB

TS4 Package Searcher

10 Mar 2023, 16:59

This is a little tool to enable users to find resources in the TS4 game packages. You can enter any combination of Type, Group, and/or Instance ID - for example you can enter a full TGI (type, group, instance) to find which packages it's in, or you can enter a Type ID to find which packages contain

TS4 Sound Tool 446.4 KB

TS4 Sound Tool

27 Jul 2022, 11:38

This is a tool to play / edit / create music, sound effects and voices for Sims 4, you start by selecting a pack and the tool will then extract all sound events from animations and all sound names from the combined tuning and add them to selectable lists