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The Sims 3 [18]

Japanese Low Dinner Table 177.8 KB

Japanese Low Dinner Table

22 Oct 2022, 11:38

Where do I start? This mod is embarrassing at some many levels. The title is weird (I didn't know how to call it), the animations suck and I'm not able to do it as I'd really like to. So before I delete it out of frustration I better upload it.

Japanese Culture Trait 124.7 KB

Japanese Culture Trait

22 Oct 2022, 11:35

This mod adds a new, custom, hidden trait to help you bring a Japanese flavor to Sims. Why hidden? Alas, it was a very painful decision, but otherwise the game will assign it randomly to new created Sims and that will make no sense.

Sims 3 - For Tea Lovers 9 MB Exclusive

Sims 3 - For Tea Lovers

22 Oct 2022, 10:52

More items for tea lovers! The Gong fu cha set is decorative because its cups are so small that Sims couldn't handle them correctly, it comes with 2 different tea boats with many slots, so you can arrange them as you enjoy, hopefully!