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Bloom GShade 🌷 by ellcrze

Bloom GShade 🌷 by ellcrze

25 Aug 2022
11 140

I wanted to create a more magical and colorful preset for my game since I was getting tired of my other two presets. I originally wasn't going to upload this anytime soon but after posting my first let's play some of you have noticed that I am using a different preset so here it is!

Sunblind 254 MB


27 Feb 2023
2 575

Sunblind is a fully custom, realistic lighting overhaul created for The Sims 4. Unlike my previous mods, none of the lighting in this mod is based on existing EA lighting and each world is individually tuned to ensure the best possible fit.

Vivid Sweet FX Preset

Vivid Sweet FX Preset

09 Jun 2022
1 435

The Sims 4 seems to have a very boring coloring. A good option would be to use reshade, but it is very heavy and reduces the frame rate a lot.