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Fouyaya Animations Patreon (30.06.2024) 

Upload: 24 Mar 2022, 15:01
Last updated: 7-07-2024, 12:49
Created by: fouyaya [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Edit Reason: Version updated - 7-07-2024, 12:49 » [Aqxaro]
Fouyaya Animations Patreon (30.06.2024)

I'm creating animations for Wickedwhims, I mainly focus on fetish animations and general femdom(foot worship/footjob/trample/ass worship/facesitting/fart fetish/pussy worship/goldenshower/armpit worship/ballbusting/...) 

Although my animations are created with a female dom and a male sub in mind, feel free to switch the genders, a bunch of my animation will still look fine.

Though bear in mind that the dom sim won't have any penis/testicles action. The sub however will have boobs/testicle/penis action. (my older animations don't have boobs jiggling on the sub)

  • There are 2 animation packages available : "WW_fouyaya_animations" and "WW_fouyaya_animations_extreme", the extreme package is optional and contains animations that might not appeal to everyone (piss, farts, scat).

       Put one or both .package in your Electronic Arts/The Sims4/mods/wickedwhims folder and enjoy.

  • The "fouyaya_pieceofshit.package" is a prop needed for the scat animations, download it ONLY if you want those animations.
  • The "fouyaya_toiletbox.package" is a custom toilet made to fit the toilet domination sequence, it's also a functional toilet with the "sit" interaction added to it. see picture below.
  • The "fouyaya_metalchairmanacles.package" is a basegame dining metal chair with added manacles on the armrest/chairleg to fit with the "tied up" animation sequence.
  • Animations starting with "SNUSNU" are meant to be played with an height mod, they won't look good without as the animations are created with a rig where the dominant sim is roughly 10% larger than the average sim while the sub is 10% smaller. (Note that you can also tweak the actors' positions further with the sex positioning tool available in Wickedwhims settings)
  • There are also animations meant to be played only once. (transition type animation) You will need to have sex stage progression on, and not override the duration of animation in wickedwhims settings for it to work properly. You'll also need to have the auto-undressing setting on for the undress animations.
  • Animations starting with "WITCH" are meant for magic inclined sims, you need the Realm of Magic DLC for these animations to look and sound as intended. However note that you should still be able to play them without it. (use the "ignore occult sims restrictions" in gender settings in WW to avoid needing a witch/wizard sim to trigger them)
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