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Weapons, Armor, and Items [22]

Sharess's Embrace Nightsong 26.1MB

Sharess's Embrace Nightsong

05 Nov 2023
1 831

Nightsong dress (with cloth physics) forms of the legendary artifact from Sharess, the goddess of hedonism and sensual fulfillment. It is a piece of living armor that can evolve with 5 different stages. To evolve, your body has to be suitable and it must be sated before a long rest.

Loviatar's Claws 42.0MB

Loviatar's Claws

04 Nov 2023

Legendary boots for those blessed by Loviatar and welcome pain. The boots are tintable and come with a camp version (with no effects). It has very powerful effects, but there are drawbacks. If you have the bg3se (script extender), there are also scripted body modification effect.