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Dicky's Pinup Outfit CBBE Fusion Girl  

Upload: 12 Sep 2023, 14:15
Created by: Dickyftw [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Dicky's Pinup Outfit CBBE Fusion Girl

(Final) Update August 2021 - Fans, I'm allowing this mod to be here, effectively forever now, because I care about the fans, not this site. Tbh it's available to download elsewhere if you look. Other people have made add-on content for this mod, so I also respect that as well. I'm aware of how this site is going to be handling people's mods henceforth, which I don't really agree with, but whatevers. Just remember though, I'm always going to provide this mod for FREE, so if anyone is making you pay for it, DON'T! FOREVER FREE means FOREVER FREE!

FO4 High Heels System
CBP Physics
I recommend this physics preset for CBP - I personally have been using it and it works well with my mod
MTM CBP Physics Preset
Bodyslide and outfit studio

Fusion Girl Users:
Be sure to have all Fusion girl requirements installed first!
ZeX Skeleton
Fusion Girl

CBBE Users:
CBBE physics is NOT supported - had too many users having issues figuring it out on their end. Use CBP physics or another separate physics mod if you want physics.

Not required but works well with my mod's high heels:
High heels sound

You can build these pieces at the Chem Station under "Dicky's Pinup Outfit"
You can modify the outfit's color and stats at the Armor Workbench

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BEGINNERS: If you're mashing outfits, do it in Outfit Studio. Because no mod author can anticipate every combination of different clothing mods used together, you will get clipping, mismatches, and generally stuff not fitting properly if you just slap them on in-game. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO UNDERSTAND HOW BODYSLIDE AND OUTFIT STUDIO WORKS for all custom outfit mods, so don't report bugs if you can't figure things out on your end and assume something is broken in the mod - I've tested this for many, many hours in my game, within the mod's parameters. That is, I didn't go and mash every outfit out there to see how it works with my mod - I tested the mod's clothing pieces together for the fit and they are all working fine. Basically, if you don't understand Outfit Studio or Bodyslide, don't go blaming my mod. Don't report issues with physics either - I didn't package physics starting version 3 so you are required to set that up on your end.

You have to pay in caps to get the upgrades for Armor and Heroine upgrades - they're intended to be late game upgrades so you'll have something to spend all those caps on. I currently have it so that you can't remove an upgrade - you just have to buy another upgrade and it switches it out. So choose wisely! Either that, you gotta earn those caps!

Armor Upgrade
Goes from 0-4, with 0 being realistic (little or no DR) and 4 being "heroic" giving you pretty OP protection. You don't have to craft two separate versions now to choose a realistic or OP version - just craft the outfit you want and change its stats at the armor workbench. Because of this new feature, I removed the ballistic weave option on all pieces.

Heroine Upgrade
Custom legendary abilities I split out so you can add an ability per outfit. These include auto-healing, rad scrubbing, high jump, fast reloads, etc. Just gives you the ability to pick and choose what you want.

vF3&CBBE3: Coat and cap, more patch swaps
vF2: Updated to work with CBP physics for Fusion Girl
vF1: Full Fusion Girl support. Legacy files from CBBE. Added a few more circle patch logos.
v2.0: Added combat boots, officer gloves, more patch and color swap options, alternate even skimpier bikinis
v1.9: Sky blue color scheme, red BOS circle patch, ground objects, misc. texture path fixes
v1.8: Added skirt, British flag arm patch, improved some normal maps
v1.7: Added shirt, circle patch, some additional color options.
v1.6: Full update. Additional armor slots for certain clothing. Physics bodyslide now optional, included in zip.
v1.3: Full update. Gloves can be crafted as slot 56 or 34, 35. Removed Human Race 1st person flags. Should fix Looksmenu incompatibility.
v1: Initial release, basic bodyslide support

What this mod does
Adds the following Fusion or CBBE female clothing pieces (armor slot noted in parenthesis):
Bikini Bottom (40 or 45)
Bikini Bottom XXX (40 or 45)
Bikini Top (48 Beard)
Bikini Top XXX (48 Beard)
Shirt (48 Beard)
Skirt (39 or 44)
Gloves (56 Unnamed or 34, 35 Hands)
Officer Gloves (34, 35 Hands)
Hat (46 Headband)
High Heeled Boots (33 Body)
High Heels (33 Body)
Combat Boots (33 Body)
Holotag Necklace (50 Neck)
Jacket (37 or 41)
Arm Patch (57 Unnamed)
Circle Patch (57 Unnamed)
Tank Top (48 Beard)
Thigh Belt (39 or 44)

Old F.A.Q.
Q: Why make this mod?
A: I always liked military pin-up art, and I wanted to make a mod for Fallout from scratch, so this mod happened. I also had a pretty specific outfit style in mind, which I struggled to mash together from existing mods out there, but none of them exactly fit what I had in mind, so I decided to make it.

Q: Isn't it "pin up" rather than "pinup?"
A: Yeah I noticed the misspelling too but it was after I named everything so I kept it that way.

Q: This isn't the classic WW2 styled pin up!
A: Yes, and no. It's inspired by that era's pin up art, but it's definitely modernized. They didn't have micro-bikinis back in WW2, I know.

Q: How the hell do you ballistic weave a micro-bikini and expect it to give you protection?
A: I have no idea either. I'm going to go with typical fantasy RPG female armor logic here (skimpier = higher level). That is what this outfit is essentially, just in a Fallout context.

Q: Console version?
A: I don't own a console, so no. Sorry.

Q: Who are you?
A: I play and mod Fallout for fun, and do computer graphics for a living. Modding lets me make whatever I want to so it's a great break from work.

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