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PNB - Petite Nude Body (v1.2)  

Upload: 25 Mar 2023, 10:47
Last updated: 31-03-2023, 07:54
Created by: KrayStudios
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
PNB - Petite Nude Body (v1.2)

This mod replaces the default underwear with a nude body. Just remove your clothes and you'll be nude! This mod is compatible with all gloves, robes, and outfits, so no worrying about clipping! Instructions are in the readme, but so you know what to download:

Download the BaseMod
Download 1 SkinTone

Version 1.1

  • Adjusted clipping issues with some robes
  • Fixed texture problems on Tan, Honey, and Ebony Skin
  • Added shapekeys to arms
  • Adjusted rigging for legs and arms
  • Base Mod now uses Chunk 260 and Skintones all use Chunk 261

Version 1.2

  • Fixed facial animations breaking for a couple heads
  • Added an underwear outfit under one of the PJ slots
  • Added preview images so that the pj and undergarment outfit icons are of the modded

nude and underwear bodies*

DOWNLOAD ver 1.2:






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  1. abk08
    abk08 [Guests]
    2 December 2023 22:26

    Version 1.1 and 1.2 are the same

  2. Neronero
    Neronero [Guests]
    24 October 2023 19:24

    Is this not compatible with any of the head replacer mod? like pretty face or other head replacer?? i keep crashing on shader compilation

  3. LMV
    LMV [Guests]
    15 September 2023 17:06

    Please make compatible with the Shorts and Skirts mod by Alvatroz!

    1. PLGDante
      PLGDante [Chief editors]
      15 September 2023 19:30

      we are hosting the mods. we didn´t create them sry

  4. redhatter
    redhatter [Guests]
    27 July 2023 15:41

    Not sure who still plays and browses these mods but I made a pale skin override here:

    It does not replace the original mod, but adds to it and overrides the skin file to be paler, refer to the included readme for instructions. 

    1. IforgotmyName
      IforgotmyName [Guests]
      1 August 2023 13:57

      Thank you for this Pale version ! I tested it and it works.

    2. piaoni
      piaoni [Guests]
      15 August 2023 08:27

      Hello, there seems to be something wrong with this link, so I can't download it. Can you help provide other links?

    3. redhatter
      redhatter [Guests]
      16 August 2023 07:01

      Seems like anonfiles shit the bed.

      Use this for now:

  5. Luna
    Luna [Guests]
    14 July 2023 14:46

    I wish there are nude mod which allow to wear shoes/boots... or, outfit that just only shoes/boots... because it's more sense when wearing robes and wandering around naked but not barefoot..

  6. Myzja
    Myzja [Guests]
    8 July 2023 03:33

    DO NOT USE CHARACTER EDITOR MOD! It will throw textures everywhere and make character look like a twisted Frankenstein

  7. Myzja
    Myzja [Guests]
    7 July 2023 21:02

    Barefoot version

  8. best
    best [Guests]
    23 June 2023 17:18

    Can u pls add pubic hair version too?

  9. Snowy2256
    Snowy2256 [Users]
    23 June 2023 02:00

    put it in paks not mods. lol when it don work swap it from paks to mods and mods to paks XD usually works

  10. ssd
    ssd [Guests]
    28 May 2023 12:30

    same issue, please fix. Thanks!

    1. ssd
      ssd [Guests]
      28 May 2023 12:51

      nvm, i'm dumb.
      just have to follow the instructions and extract base + one of the other archives to the mod folder...

  11. AndyJaeven
    AndyJaeven [Users]
    11 May 2023 04:40

    Getting an issue where the body has a grey checkered square texture instead of the PNB textures. Is this because of the new patch?

    1. rMaikol
      rMaikol [Users]
      14 May 2023 03:19

      how did you solve it if you succeeded

  12. Lay
    Lay [Users]
    7 May 2023 16:49

    hey bro .....Sorry, as long as I apply it, I will replace the face shape of other mods

    How can I do

    1. Aslan
      Aslan [Users]
      9 May 2023 18:34


      I had the same problem, i've fixed it by putting the 3 files that comes with any head replacer mod in the "Paks" folder instead of the "~mods" folder, though modded head models will have a seam with this body mod, but as long as you wear outfits or mantles you shouldn't see it. hope this helps :)

  13. Aslan
    Aslan [Guests]
    23 April 2023 11:30

    Bro this is amazing thank you, is there a chance that you will make a paler version of the skin?

    Please? please please please please?? XD

  14. angelicamarin
    angelicamarin [Users]
    21 April 2023 21:05

    Hi, thank you so much for sharing! I was wondering if you could kindly show us how to create the character demonstrated in the file titled "Preview02". Looking forward to your tutorial.

  15. BlueMedic
    BlueMedic [Guests]
    17 April 2023 10:09

    Would it be possible to separate the PJ underwear files from the nude body? 

  16. Guest Mad hatter
    Guest Mad hatter [Guests]
    12 April 2023 08:13

    [### ]

    Hi All I found a Mod on Nexus that allows you to add Makeup to PNB, just follow the Mod Instructions on Nexus. It's "Character Editor" ver 1.6 allows real-time change in game to your character, which is awesome.

    Also I had to remove all other Skin / Makeup/ FaceChange Mods otherwise my game crashed. I have PNB & PNB Skin in my Paks Folder, all other Mods are in normal ~mods folder.  Hope this helps.

    1. Mah hatter
      Mah hatter [Guests]
      13 April 2023 06:10

      Edit : to above, I got it to work with Face Change Mods, in my case Face1 & 3 also all Hair changes appear ok, I'm using Luna, and Tifa Hair.. so as with all mods trial and error with load orders, adding/ removal..etc...

      Happy Gaming all.

      1. Aslan
        Aslan [Guests]
        22 April 2023 15:50

        Hey men, how did you make this body work with mods that change the face model? i'm using Evelyn face mods but when i install PNB the face get back to the original ugly one.... thanks

        1. Mad_hatter
          Mad_hatter [Guests]
          23 April 2023 15:40

          With my game I put PNB Body & PNB Skin in Paks Folder with naming as zzPNB_P.pak all x3 files same with skin, all my Face Mods hair style changes and others are in normal ~mods Folder.

          With face Mod i gave it a higher naming priority with zzzModname. I noticed if you put them all in same Mods folder, with PNB, especially face change mods you may get conflicts and seams showing with body. Also if you want to add make-up need to use CharacterEditor Ver 1.8 is now on Nexus, but 1.6 still works. Hope that helps.

          1. Lay
            Lay [Users]
            8 May 2023 11:10

            excuse me.

            what is zzzModname...

            I can't serch it...

            1. Mad_hatter
              Mad_hatter [Guests]
              9 May 2023 07:34

               It is just a prefix, so when you add z to start of [modname] the game gives it a higher priority eg.

              zzzID203Face003ElineJawNoseSTIFF_P.pak x 3 files, has a higher priority then zz or z[modname].

              Also make sure for each individual mod you rename them, the same amount of 'z'.

              So more z at start of [modname] the game will load last giving the mod the highest priority. Hope that makes sense.

            2. Mad_hatter
              Mad_hatter [Guests]
              9 May 2023 07:44

              Edit:  So with above I have PNB body & PNB Skin in my 'Paks' folder.

              All my other mods including face, hair changes are in normal '~mods'  Folder

  17. parasoralofus
    parasoralofus [Users]
    6 April 2023 00:26

    flat chest version when

  18. rastrent
    rastrent [Guests]
    4 April 2023 07:29
    Quote: Rastrent

    Any chance you'd be able to make a version with larger areolas? Maybe slightly puffy as well? Also maybe some tan lines?

  19. kek
    kek [Guests]
    2 April 2023 22:33

    is it possible to make it work with makeup mods?

    1. Usta
      Usta [Users]
      3 April 2023 10:44

      I read somewhere that you have to put either makeup or PNB in the Paks folder - then it works. Try it, it might help.

      1. kek
        kek [Guests]
        3 April 2023 21:29

        unfortunately didn't work for me

    2. Mad hatter
      Mad hatter [Guests]
      5 April 2023 07:38

      I think we actually need to ask make-up Modders to allow their mods to work with PNB, as I'm pretty sure it uses assets quite different to Base game.

      Which imo, is why Make-up Mods as well as Face Change Remakes tend to conflict with PNB. I already put a request to Ivy, ---- maybe the more of us who humbly request make-up compatible with PNB. The Modders, may release new version.

      PNB already seems to be gathering momentum more then 6K views way ahead of any other Mod for this game. With PNB skirts also, this can only get better from here. 

      Again a Million Thank You to all modders for giving up their time to make these Mods for FREE, very very much appreciated.

      1. Mad hatter
        Mad hatter [Guests]
        5 April 2023 07:49

        Edit, New Mod created-  Views, older have more, but i suspect this will soon be up there with popular Mods  :)

  20. Usta
    Usta [Guests]
    2 April 2023 11:38

    I found the underwear and it has an icon. But there is no icon for the naked body.

    1. Mad hatter
      Mad hatter [Guests]
      2 April 2023 12:06

      There is not one for the actual PNB, just remove all clothing and PNB should show up..

      1. Usta
        Usta [Guests]
        2 April 2023 17:34

      2. Usta
        Usta [Users]
        2 April 2023 22:13

        Я понял это, спасибо. Иконы относятся к костюмам.

  21. BlueMedic
    BlueMedic [Guests]
    2 April 2023 09:29

    Wish Female Body Fully Nude 0.3 had a underwear mod. Is there a place on the discord server to request?

  22. BlueMedic
    BlueMedic [Guests]
    2 April 2023 00:31
    Quote: Usta

    I didn't get the icon and I don't have the underwear option.

    Same here, no underwear options or icons.

    1. Mad hatter
      Mad hatter [Guests]
      2 April 2023 02:48

      The underwear is only on a few Clothing options, so just keep checking vendor in Hogmeads, 2 i know of

      are 'Light Nightwear' and 'Secret Solvers nightwear' could be others but havent come across yet.

      Just as a check make sure you don't have any other clothing Mods that change Night wear.

      Hope that helps.

      1. BlueMedic
        BlueMedic [Guests]
        2 April 2023 08:36

        Figures, I have the Dreamer's Nightwear (does not work), and only missing 3 costumes in the game.... guess I know 2 of the ones im missing. thank you.

  23. Usta
    Usta [Guests]
    31 March 2023 17:31

    I didn't get the icon and I don't have the underwear option.

  24. Mad hatter
    Mad hatter [Guests]
    30 March 2023 11:26

    Hi, Just want to Thank You for this awesome Mod, works perfect with your skirts Mod. For some 

    reason I cannot get this PNB to work with any Makeup Mods Like Mars, Ivy.. I have changed priority put them in Paks Folder

    as well as ~mods Folder they all use different Chunk ID, but they don't show up in game. Is there a way to fix this. Thanks again, no issues if cannot.

  25. Lucus
    Lucus [Guests]
    29 March 2023 19:53

    Wish you could make a even paler skin for this, amazing work. )

  26. Guard80-12
    Guard80-12 [Guests]
    29 March 2023 17:57

    NOW just soo cool that we have mini skirt mod for this too much cooler )) thanks ))

    1. Revilo
      Revilo [Guests]
      4 June 2023 23:20

      wich one? i tried a few skirt mods but all had some issues :(

  27. Rastrent
    Rastrent [Guests]
    26 March 2023 07:39

    Any chance you'd be able to make a version with larger areolas? Maybe slightly puffy as well? Also maybe some tan lines?

  28. Me
    Me [Guests]
    26 March 2023 04:02

    Thank you so very much. Great job. Love it!

  29. LuvaLuva
    LuvaLuva [Guests]
    25 March 2023 17:13