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Muffin Mash - CCB_Bodies v1.3  

Upload: 02 Jun 2023, 19:31
Created by: Freethemuffins
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Muffin Mash - CCB_Bodies v1.3

My first proper release to the Costume Organizer Mod, previous Mashes were just template previews in which I will add over time when they're ready, do not use them with this mod - it will break, however if you do not wish to use these bodies then you may use the old one and not this for the outfits instead.

  • Added all 9 variants of the CCB_Body to the CO Outfit slot, feel free to swap between nude bodies at the click of a button.
  • This mod adds the nude body variants only, it does not add any clothing, you may return to your vanilla clothing simply by re-equipping your gear normally.
  • Remember to wear gloves when using the bodies, and be sure to toggle the "Hide" option on the Hands CO slot to prevent textures breaking.
  • Since they are all in the CO Outfit slot then you may only use one body at a time, naturally.
  • Uses chunk 3,900.
  • Thanks to Showie for their amazing work on the Costume Organizer Mod.
    Thanks to ♡ LewdKrumb ♡ for the body and textures.
Nude_M Cloak Friendly 17.54MB

Nude_M Cloak Friendly NSFW

27 Feb 2023
26 796

This mod makes turns the SWIMSUIT SET into a nude body! Sadly, it has no hands yet so please use gloves!. It has a mini version of fig’s amulet to hide the neck mess but it can be easily hidden away with scarfs if you hate it.

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  1. Jinma420
    Jinma420 [Guests]
    3 May 2024 22:07

    I just installed this today, and I was wondering if anyone else has a mixed skin tone on the back of the character?

  2. bro bot
    bro bot [Guests]
    14 June 2023 17:45

    "got this to work and f1 brought out the mod menu too but nothing changed on my character can you help me?" my quote from Costume Organizer comment section

    1. PLGDante
      PLGDante [Chief editors]
      14 June 2023 20:42

      We host mods, we don't create them. If you need support, contact the mod creators

    2. zhangpeter1111
      zhangpeter1111 [Users]
      22 February 2024 11:33

      Same problem until I put on a piece of clothing and used F1 to adjust it, it became normal.

  3. Kirasu
    Kirasu [Guests]
    9 June 2023 20:09

    What "Costume Organizer"-mod!? It doesn't exist.

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      9 June 2023 20:25

  4. Kaste
    Kaste [Guests]
    3 June 2023 14:25

    Hi, could you explain how to use the mod please?

    1. Gigasad
      Gigasad [Guests]
      29 June 2023 10:20

      This is a mod for "CO / Costume Organizer". It requires 4 other things:
      1) CO / Costume Organizer
      ^Which depends on 3 other mods again:
      2) SQL Mod Menu
      3) UICore
      4) BP Apperate

      The instructions for setting up CO are on the first link. But Imo, at least for me, it's not worth all the effort. Just find the CCB body you like and stick to it. You really don't need a loader to swap bodies.

      But BP Apperate + Character Editor are worth downloading. It'll let you edit your character skin tone / makeup etc, no matter what skin mod you're using, to help match the body color, so there's no mismatch. You have to press F8 when in game, type "CharacterEditor", and then F5 will open up an amazing editor to change your characters appearance anytime.