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Skins & Models [14]

ra's Body Mod 47 MB

ra's Body Mod

08 Aug 2022
7 023

This mod aims to introduce realistic character textures featuring female and male nudity. To increase anatomical realism, male characters come with a new extra 3d-object attached between their legs. The changes only apply to player characters. Zombies are not changed.

Yaki's BarberShop

Yaki's BarberShop

21 Jul 2022

This mod adds 7 new Vanilla friendly beards for men ! More are to come, don't hesitate to use the Suggestion channel if you want to see a specific beard style added.

Fluffy Hair 2 MB

Fluffy Hair

20 Jul 2022
1 373

This mod will add for almost all hats new adjusted hair models for the default hairs to keep their original shape when wearing something on the head. No more Ponytails or flat hairs!