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My Summer Car (Steam-Fix) 23.01.2024 + MSCO 3.3.1  

Upload: 01 Apr 2024, 18:50
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Version: 231210-01 + BeerMP 0.1.15
My Summer Car (Steam-Fix) 23.01.2024 + MSCO 3.3.1

You can play My Summer Car online with a friend, which will open up a huge number of diverse and deep mechanics of a complex and sophisticated car simulator. On the pirate site, all network capabilities are available absolutely free of charge. The mechanic simulator My Summer Car gives you the opportunity to play online online, or in splendid isolation to make cars in your garage.

After assembly, each type of transport can be tested personally. Using the possibility of free online play, you can arrange tournament races with friends or players around the world. The online game includes a huge number of tools, parts and components that help you assemble not just a car, but a real work of art.

The gameplay contains elements of a racing simulator and survival. The gameplay features assembly, repair, maintenance and customization of personal vehicles. More than a hundred parts can be used to design your car. Survival lies in the fact that the mechanics of permanent death operate. If you get into a serious accident and die, your progress is completely reset.

The events of the game take place in the 1990s somewhere in the vastness of Finnish villages. By participating in summer events and competitions, you need to win championships, gaining fame and the title of the best racer in the village. When assembling rally cars, you need to carefully monitor the car’s performance and carry out timely technical inspections.


  • detailed assembly of personal transport;
  • authentic driving and realistic physics;
  • many vehicles: cars, boats, etc.;
  • developed roads, including asphalt and dirt surfaces;
  • working to earn a salary;
  • rally, swimming in the sauna and many secondary activities.

How to Play

Play via: Steam
First you need to unpack the archive from the Fix Repair folder into the game folder. If necessary, we agree to replace the files.

How to launch:
1. Launch Steam, go to your profile.
2. Launch the game via Launcher.exe.

In Game:
We accept an invitation from a friend (be patient, this may take some time).

Server creation:
Open Lobby - Enter the maximum number of players - Open lobby - Invite friends and wait for them to connect.

- This is a mod, not an official multiplayer from the developers.


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