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In The Sims 4, sim refer to the pre-designed characters that players can choose to play with or customize according to their preferences. These sim come with different traits, appearances, skills, and personalities. Players can select from a variety of pre-made sim, each with their own backstories, or they can create their own sim from scratch. The customization options in The Sims 4 allow players to adjust features such as hair, facial features, body type, clothing, and accessories to create unique and personalized sim models. Additionally, players can modify the sim's personality traits, aspirations, and skill sets to shape their individual gameplay experience.

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Teacher Giselle 129 MB

Teacher Giselle

08 Dec 2023

Unzip the mods Copy the uncompressed files to the: Documents folder »Electronic Arts» The Sims 4 »Mods Tray files to the: Documents folder »Electronic Arts» The Sims 4 »Tray.

Lee Dae-sung by SabiAmi 524 MB

Lee Dae-sung by SabiAmi

03 Dec 2023

Format: files for the Tray folder + package files + folder with presets and sliders (without them the sim will look different) All files work for the HQ mod (there is no folder with HQ textures) To display the sim correctly, you need the Color Sliders mod

Callie 527 MB


03 Dec 2023

This is one of my first sims I made based on an actual person. She was a babysitter, a simmer & in track, gymnastics & later the marine corps. She was all about athletics.