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Devious Desires 5.13 (11.09.2023) 

Upload: 17 Mar 2022, 19:34
Last updated: 22-09-2023, 12:11
Created by: ColonolNutty
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Version: 5.13
Edit Reason: Version updated 5.13 AllinOne Pack - 22-09-2023, 12:11 » [PLGDante]
Devious Desires 5.13 (11.09.2023)

Devious Desires 5.13 (11.09.2023)

Wiki and Information

Devious Desires Mod Installation Guide


!!The DeviousCore and Modules for Devious Desires and s4comlib are included in this Pack!!

Custom Slider Framework (Only required if using DD Milk Farm) at least version 1.12
CSF Adult Body Sliders (Only required if using DD Milk Farm)

A standalone mod that is all inclusive for The Sims 4 by adding the ability for Sims to engage in a variety of sexual and non-sexual acts, such as Basic Sex, Rough Sex, Zoophilia, Rape, Lactation Play, Incest, and Milking with more fetishes to come!

Disclaimer: All fetishes are optional installs. If you aren't into a fetish, don't install the package file containing that fetish.
This mod does not require Wicked Whims. It is made as a free alternative to it.​


Translations can be found here:

Mod settings:

  • For more tutorials and other mod settings visit the   wiki
  • For all interactions requiring SHIFT + CLICK, please make sure you run "testingcheats on" before trying to find them!
  • To see the settings for Devious Desires: SHIFT + CLICK on a Sim -> Configure Mod Settings -> DD Settings

To those using this mod, if you are told that my mods do any of the following:

- Will break or cause severe issues within your game
- Contain themes endangering or abusing Children
- Contain themes endangering or abusing Animals
- Contains illegal content

Please know that ALL of this is misinformation, and completely false.

The mod authors known as TURBODRIVER and Deaderpool have chosen to Stalk, Target, and Cyberbully me and anyone who chooses to use any of my mods. They have chosen to spread misinformation (slander) about my mods for years, and have gone so far as to put malicious code in Wicked Whims targeting my mods (and by extension those who make mods using S4CL which is a fairly large chunk of mod authors). I believe in creating mods that better the community as a whole, even if I have no personal interest in  the criteria of the mod itself. Even the API called Sims 4 Community Library, which I have created for new and old mod authors to create simpler and more stable mods while also providing a vast store of functionality for said mods, has been targeted by these mod authors. They go on witch hunts, banning or threatening anyone who dares join my discord. They have threatened other mod authors, discords, websites, and various other forms of media into also banning and threatening people for using my mods.

Sadly, this has put me in a place where the very community I love and support, slanders me and continues to spread the same misinformation, without knowing that many of the negative things being said have zero evidence to back them and are nothing more than cyberbullying.

Though these Mod Authors are extremely successful, they have been using their popularity to ruin my reputation and railroad the community into believing these lies. This has caused many discords to ban people for using any of my mods and it has turned my name into something that frightens everyone when it is even mentioned. I try my best to support and create content for this community out of my own pocket and this is completely unacceptable.

Please do not believe everything you read on the internet. There's always two sides
to a story but above all there is the absolute truth. Its up to us as people to find it out
and refrain from hopping onto bandwagons stirred up by popular mod authors.

I love this community, and despite what TURBODRIVER and Deaderpool say to ruin me, I will continue doing my best to support this community, noone deserves this treatment, especially not someone who makes mods for free.

Vlog Sexy

Vlog Sexy NSFW

13 Apr 2022
2 694

Is your character incredibly charismatic and likes to be the center of attention? Then he probably loves to shoot videos on romantic and sexy themes? Well, we have an interesting offer for you! How about filming your own sexy vlog?

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  1. wantsims4dogsex
    wantsims4dogsex [Guests]
    3 December 2023 21:28

    is this mod broken? I have wicked whims, this, downloaded all the other mods it said it needed on here, etc. I'm trying make my sim fuck the dog and there's like no option to, sadly. did wicked whims make it so I can't?

    there's a "rough sex" button but then the only thing on there is "consent" give or take away...

    no option to fuck my female dog sim, anywhere. I even reinstalled devious desires, cause it said I installed incorrectly. (didnt know I needed the "moddata" folder in mods.) but once I did that I didn't get that error message anymore, but still can't have sex with pets, sadly.

    I'm assuming wicked whims is forcibly breaking the dd, and making sure sim on pet actions is denied. which is disgusting of them to force.

  2. Gronk
    Gronk [Guests]
    2 December 2023 23:57

    I may just be dumb, but I can't find the wicked whims loader. Where do I find it?

  3. gol
    gol [Guests]
    25 November 2023 21:28

    how do i fix 8 out of 67 anims?

  4. Cas
    Cas [Guests]
    13 November 2023 16:43

    I was reading through the description and the wiki and I was curious as to weather animation packs for WW work with this mod. I know that the description says that no WW content is compatible but the wiki says that the animations for WW will work with DD. I just wanted to clarify before installing anything extra and it screwing with everything. Thank you in advance for any information!

    1. larsveeke
      larsveeke [Users]
      14 November 2023 12:18

      wicked whims en Devious desires don`t work together and animations from ww installing with just devious desires will not work either as it said in the wiki and every where else

      1. Nachtbringer
        Nachtbringer [Users]
        16 November 2023 11:11

        Animation works

  5. LILD
    LILD [Users]
    9 November 2023 10:20

    trying to add DD to my game but having issues.. It says to add "deviousdesires_features" file but don't see the file in the zip.

  6. timo
    timo [Guests]
    28 October 2023 04:21

    Habe es drinerliert kann aberleidernicht interagieren cheatssind onwas mach ich falsch ?

  7. holly webb
    holly webb [Guests]
    3 October 2023 11:51

    Had huge problem with noirs cock colour when my sim is tanned and cock is pink plus the floating tongue when using WW sex. The upper body was not using the right one i use in CAS. 

    1. larsveeke
      larsveeke [Users]
      14 November 2023 12:19

      ww sex and devious desires don`t work together

  8. Samy
    Samy [Guests]
    3 October 2023 03:23

    Is there any updated info on how to properly install the penis into the game? Everything works, the traits, and other features but in the animations theres no dick showing (my male sims also randomly changes clothes) , on the CAS side I think it's a little broken since majority of the dick section is showing only the shape and is mostly pitch black color, but the color overlay only show on the skin around the dick.

    1. Nachtbringer
      Nachtbringer [Users]
      8 October 2023 21:33

      Download "Beta Simple Penis (2023Beta_SimplePenis_v1)"

      You need simdulgence_2023skintones_beta1.package

  9. Vicky
    Vicky [Guests]
    5 September 2023 09:32

    nah, it breaks my game. cant live together with wicked whims and a few animations. too bad, i loved this mod

    1. PLGDante
      PLGDante [Chief editors]
      5 September 2023 20:24

      yeah DD is NOT compatible with WW. It´s in the authors desription. sadly

    2. Koz
      Koz [Guests]
      7 November 2023 21:55

      I haven't had any issues with WW and DD since the first 30 minutes of play but I think I also like forced it to work 😅. I just pushed thru it and eventually the error legit just stopped showing up and I played it like normal. You do have to configure the body parts separately but that's the only issue I've had.

  10. DeadPix
    DeadPix [Guests]
    31 August 2023 21:06

    Ansious about horses :)

  11. Widdow1994
    Widdow1994 [Users]
    15 August 2023 15:11

    Hallo ;) 

    When is an update coming`?

    1. PLGDante
      PLGDante [Chief editors]
      15 August 2023 16:21

      Done :)

  12. barnabe
    barnabe [Guests]
    3 June 2023 05:26

    its a nice mod and ive been trying to download it

  13. PommeClub
    PommeClub [Guests]
    2 May 2023 14:17

    Hi, after a few months of thinking about it, i decided to check for myself what the mod was about.

    I actually like some of the packages and I was wondering if maybe I could (fully) translate it in french ? 

  14. femboylover515
    femboylover515 [Guests]
    8 April 2023 02:40

    Amazing mod tbh based af

  15. veve
    veve [Guests]
    22 March 2023 15:46

    Hi, will be making my comment as short as possible - just wanted to let you know that your work and honesty in approaching the matter are greatly appreciated ! I have indeed encountered much misinformation when first stumbling upon your mod, but I have been using it for a while now and there is nothing in regards to child molestation themes, so I have been greatly enjoying it in my game (am working on a very detailed replica of the Outlander book series/tv show and the rape option of your mod is the only one that made it possible for me to move forward with this project).
    So, just thank you very much, keep up the good work.

  16. woxy-wox
    woxy-wox [Guests]
    22 March 2023 00:57

    I'm getting quite a game-breaking issue and updating the mod hasn't fixed it.  Better Exceptions keeps telling me... over and over in some cases... that the Devious Desires "vanilla fixes" file is apparently causing animation errors and some vanilla interactions reset my sim instead of carrying out normally, giving that same error.  I've been slowly removing lower priority mods hoping it's just a mod conflict that's arisen, though I don't really expect to fix it.  I'm really not happy about this because I don't think Wicked Whims supports the same fetishes Devious Desires does, or I haven't found the right add-ons for them.

    Also, I have some feedback about the Dirty Play module.  I accidentally installed it and noticed there was watersports, but I'd like to be able to do watersports animations without scat being anywhere near my game, please. lol I suppose I could look to see if there's an animation setting that prevents scat animations, but doing this requires a lot of patience and effort from me, so I don't know if it will get done. ;-;

  17. Naty
    Naty [Guests]
    13 March 2023 06:05

    Hey How Are U? I install the mod, but everytime I try to use a r@pe or urine option, the game said that there is no animation avaavailable

  18. Lore
    Lore [Guests]
    12 March 2023 16:29

    What is new in this version? Is there somewhere I can see it? Thank you

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      12 March 2023 17:34

      Added to changelog

  19. BlueFairyFox
    BlueFairyFox [Guests]
    3 February 2023 03:54

    Does this mod require the Pornstar dicks mod at all?

  20. woxy-wox
    woxy-wox [Guests]
    22 January 2023 07:18

    I believe this mod came with a brothel lot trait?
    I'm not sure if I'm doing this right.  I've attempted to do everything the error tells me to do and it still can't detect objects marked for lap dances.  I've shift-clicked to get to the Brothel Management menu and there is no option for lap dances available and the error is not resolved when I mark objects for all brothel interactions.  I'm pretty sure I have all mods required for Devious Desires.

    While I'm here, as a bit of feedback, I'm hoping that brothels can work without strip poles... at least at some point.  I'm not personally very fond of every brothel also being a strip club... and strip poles seem to take up a lot of room or... sims won't mind being kicked by swinging performers... lol
         Another piece of feedback I'd like to provide is... well... perhaps more of a possible mod conflict question.
    Is it possible that MC Command Center makes the frames drop when it's installed with Devious Desires... and also have random simulation lag, like more than the vanilla game has?  It also consistently has simulation lag whenever I cook on a stove or bake something, but only if the currently played sim does the cooking.

  21. Sofia
    Sofia [Guests]
    19 January 2023 14:23

    Hi, does it work with mccc, relationship & pregnancy overhaul and the Xmllnjector ?

  22. Hjb
    Hjb [Guests]
    5 January 2023 08:50

    Ive downloaded all required mods but it keeps telling melovense is not detected 

  23. garanat
    garanat [Guests]
    25 November 2022 20:22

    I downloaded the mod, but it's just not
    in the game, it's in the game settings, but in the game itself, even the msm does not show(((

  24. Monkidancing
    Monkidancing [Users]
    23 November 2022 17:49

    I followed the installation guide, yet the mod itself doesnt appear at all. I can check the sims' likes and dislikes, but thats it. Cant interact with another sim, cant find the mod in the mod settings option... nothing. :,C

  25. Yume
    Yume [Guests]
    8 November 2022 14:14

    What has changed in this new version? Can you update the changelog, please? Thank you for your awesome work :D

    1. PLGDante
      PLGDante [Chief editors]
      8 November 2022 15:00

      For 5.3 is no changelog. So i added a changelog from the previous version

      1. Yume
        Yume [Guests]
        8 November 2022 15:28

        Thank you ^^ 

  26. L.
    L. [Guests]
    5 November 2022 18:11

    I can't use teleportation and I get the log: Unknown_Mod_Exceptions. Does anybody know what is it due to? I downloaded everything successfully

  27. Zoi
    Zoi [Guests]
    20 October 2022 17:45

    Whenever i try to play the sims since installing this mod, it always resets my sims? Like no matter what interaction, they try to do anything, and they just reset, I just can't play the base game itself. I'm not sure where I've gone wrong.

    1. OOKOOK
      OOKOOK [Guests]
      21 October 2022 14:31

      Try removing all mods by Turbodriver and Deaderpool

  28. lucia
    lucia [Guests]
    20 October 2022 00:07

    no me deja jugar me sale una ventana que no encuentra el archivo o algo así, decirme una solución por favor

  29. pete
    pete [Guests]
    18 October 2022 00:08

    Hmm. The beastiality and rape functions do not seem to be working? Is there anything that needs to be set up prior to use? I'm loading a save game, everything else seems to be okay, but some of the extra features aren't avaliable

    1. Horny_Snake
      Horny_Snake [Guests]
      19 October 2022 00:30

      Yeah I am having the same issue. The CAS only has about 5 likes/dislikes. there used to be a whole set of them, in the mod settings (ingame) a ton of things seem to be blanked out or missing, I can't find how to get the brothel working, and there is no longer a lesson for these ingame. seems like a lot of things have been cut, or disabled by EA

  30. gry
    gry [Guests]
    17 October 2022 06:19

    DD WickedWhims Loader is it completely necessary? I get a script error from the DD itself asking me to remove the WWloader script   

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      17 October 2022 06:51

      oh no, sorry, thats old information