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HappilyParanoid Animations w/ Sound Effects for WickedWhims! *5/12/2024*  

Upload: 11 May 2024, 15:35
Last updated: 12-05-2024, 13:34
Created by: HappilyParanoid [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
HappilyParanoid Animations w/ Sound Effects for WickedWhims! *5/12/2024*

Hello, everyone!

My name is HappilyParanoid, and I'm thrilled to start creating animations for the Sims4/WickedWhims community. My goal is to share a diverse collection of animations with unique sound effects and captivating movements. There will be many more animations to come, so please stay tuned!

There are 4 animations in this package at the moment:

HANDJOB- Pleasure Him- locations: Wall, Mirror

VAGINAL- Scissor Fuckin- locations: Floor

ORALJOB- 69 Deepthroat- locations: Double Bed

VAGINAL- Reverse Cowgirl- locations: Sofa

Note: I am using Pornstar Cock v6 for my animations at the moment.

Raunchy Traits

Raunchy Traits NSFW

19 Apr 2022
4 205

Since childhood, everyone thought that you had an unbearable character. It is, but it doesn't matter. Because, despite all the many shortcomings, you also have good sides. Because you're so outspoken that you're never afraid to stand up for those you care about.

Simdulgence - Simple Body Parts 26 MB

Simdulgence - Simple Body Parts NSFW

27 Jun 2022
7 707

Upgrades to improve existing body parts was a very popular choice on my recent poll. There are some other changes I’d like to make, but I think this seam fix is a good first step.

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