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Appearance [18]

spawn0 - BODY MOD - better body shape v4.0.5 599.7MB

spawn0 - BODY MOD - better body shape v4.0.5

23 May 2023, 16:07

This mod will change breast, butt, shoulders, neck, thighs, calfs, biceps and forearm size. NOW player body can be seperate from npc bodies. It will change BODY shape and all CLOTHES in game! There are over 40 body types including Huge and REAL muscular one and Natural looking breast optional

-KS- UV Texture Framework v2.4.1 31.6MB

-KS- UV Texture Framework v2.4.1

23 May 2023, 15:22

The original and still the best! Allows the use of standalone body/arm textures for M&F V that do not affect NPCs. Also allows Full Body Tattoo/Clothing and Glow Overlays and Native unique arms. Now with sexy HD high heel feet and custom 4k textures!

NPCs Gone Wild v4.3.2 361 MB

NPCs Gone Wild v4.3.2

23 May 2023, 14:38

Modifies female NPC bodies, textures, clothing and outfits to be much more revealing. Removes bras, underwear and more. With fully nude strippers, sculpted 3D nipples, vaginas and anus, 4K nude skin texture, breast physics, and varying breast sizes.