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Spent's Cum Corner / Cumshine 2.3.3  

Upload: 16 Jul 2023, 20:35
Last updated: 25-11-2023, 17:40
Created by: Spent [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Version: 2.3.2
Edit Reason: Version updated - 25-11-2023, 17:40 » [Aqxaro]
Spent's Cum Corner / Cumshine 2.3.3

A Mod for Cum Lovers

*requires Wicked Whims

Enjoy the creamiest custom cum experience for the Sims4. This mod slathers on new features, CAS parts, and moodlets all centered on spunk.

I have focused on making the features of this mod “Opt-in” to suit a wide range of play styles. It won’t turn every one of your sims into Bukkkake Idols…

unless you want that.

Your sim will react to cum on specific body parts.

Being caught in public. (beta feature,still working out the bugs.)

Also watch out, If your sim forgets to shower before heading off to work they will be in for an embarrassing day on the job.

What's New

Foot Shot Moodlets
New Social Interactions
Beta feature: Cum Addiction


Place files into mods folder (replace previous versions)

To activate: go into Wicked Whims Settings > Sex Settings > Cum Settings > Cum Layers > and select a Cum Layer Set
(my favorite to start with Is Matcha CS)

Which To Choose:
CS = Added gameplay features, moodlets etc. Choose this for the full experience
CL = Purely Visual, no cummy moodlets or traits. Chose this

Cum Layer Sets in Three flavors:

Extra Cum can be applied to sims via cheat menu (Shift+Click --> Cumshine :  to add /remove cum or set your sim's cum preferences)

Other Gameplay features include:

Cum preference traits
Cum reaction moodlets

Public cum reactions
W.I.P. Cum bull and Cum addict traits

Cum Queen Aspiration

Some Sims shoot for the stars, others take shots like pornstars

When a Sim is given this aspiration in CAS they will get a leg up on their journey to slut royalty, others may have to work harder for it. When they complete the trials though, they will be granted the title of Cum Queen, be they man, woman or collection of shapes.

As a Cum Queen a sim will become sexually alluring upon contact with semen, create a chance to inspire cum fetishes in admirers, and talk others into liking cum more.

Of course this comes at the cost of becoming physically addicted to the stuff!

Splashable Cum Glasses


German Translation by PLGDante

*For all who have problems with the traveling bug. Here is the previous Version

Adam Jet 69.78 MB

Adam Jet NSFW

31 May 2023
1 190

Hey loved ones. I present to you Adam. Does anyone want to take care of him? 😈 Sim works with The Sims 4 Better Together expansion pack

Simflix and Chill (Social Event) 1.0.4 147 Kb

Simflix and Chill (Social Event) 1.0.4 NSFW

11 Apr 2022
3 347

Yes, yes, you read that right - this is a sentence like "come in for a cup of coffee" or "reinstall my Windows". This mod adds a new social event: now you can invite other characters to watch Simflix together with a hint of an interesting sequel.

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  1. Lois
    Lois [Guests]
    28 September 2023 12:33

    Hi, Thanks for this big and interesting update, the traveling bug is solve?

    1. PLGDante
      PLGDante [Chief editors]
      28 September 2023 15:38

      i hope so. i haven´t tested it yet

  2. Ed
    Ed [Guests]
    17 August 2023 08:44

    hi, first, i wanna say thank you to the mod providers here on this website for sharing these wonderful contents, it's been so helpful and amazing of y'all.

    However, about this mod, the currently shared version 2.2.3 of c*mshine is causing a HUGE bug in my game. I have fully tested and figured out at least one of the two main files is the problem. So whenever i travelled with one member of the household, no matter what i tried adjusting, ALL of the household gathered at the destination, including the father who had to SKIPPED his work as a level 5 chief, a newborn STILL in his bassinet and my two horses. I also tested with other families and the situation remained the same. Moreover, i tried removing some other potential mods first since i didn't want to delete this one and didn't even think of it before that.

    I'm not really sure if it is conflicting with any of my other mods but the problem still occurred when I have removed all of my newly installed mods, while still keeping c*mshine. Idk if the 2.2.2 version (maybe the public one) also has this problem but i'm reluctant to try since it has taken so so long for me to test my game.

    1. PLGDante
      PLGDante [Chief editors]
      18 August 2023 03:57

      I´ve add the previous Version of Cumshine (2.2.2) in the Description. While the Author can edit this bug

  3. Relinquished
    Relinquished [Guests]
    17 July 2023 20:48

    i wish there were a mod that adds oily skins (permanent or temporary with lotion, idk). this one gets close at least.

    1. Moonglade
      Moonglade [Guests]
      15 August 2023 07:26

      I use this for oiled up skin.  It's in skin details