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Baldur's Gate 3 [223]

Better Female Penises v1.2 485KB

Better Female Penises v1.2

28 Jan 2024
2 090

Enhances, increases size, reiterate, trims, and interchanges male genital options for standard female body. Two penis edits with size increases. One penis with trimmed pubic hair only on the testicles. Swaps two penises with the previous better options.

Realistic Erections 1.8MB

Realistic Erections

25 Jan 2024
2 009

Adds 2 different erections for custom Humans, Elves, Half-Elves, Drows and Tieflings, bodytypes 2 and 4 (masc and masc strong). Includes transformations for companions to have an erection.

Sharess's Embrace Nightsong 26.1MB

Sharess's Embrace Nightsong

05 Nov 2023
1 698

Nightsong dress (with cloth physics) forms of the legendary artifact from Sharess, the goddess of hedonism and sensual fulfillment. It is a piece of living armor that can evolve with 5 different stages. To evolve, your body has to be suitable and it must be sated before a long rest.

Loviatar's Claws 42.0MB

Loviatar's Claws

04 Nov 2023

Legendary boots for those blessed by Loviatar and welcome pain. The boots are tintable and come with a camp version (with no effects). It has very powerful effects, but there are drawbacks. If you have the bg3se (script extender), there are also scripted body modification effect.