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Genshin Impact - Mods [329]

Dragon Neuvillette - Human Penis 11 MB

Dragon Neuvillette - Human Penis NSFW

05 Dec 2023

For the ones less enthusiastic about the dragon privates, but still like some nsfw; The human penis variant. Enjoy! This will be the last Neuvi variant, a toggle will be uploaded later. In the meantime, the Venti mod is almost done! More about that soon.

Dancer Layla 9 MB Exclusive

Dancer Layla NSFW

02 Dec 2023

Some pretty big problems with the way transparencies work with the game, so we might not be able to pull it off as intended, but even so, it's looking really good already. Also, texture coloration is obviously off, at least compared to the original concept. We'll probably do this one as a variant

Yae Miko Multi Toggle Series 1 227 MB Exclusive

Yae Miko Multi Toggle Series 1 NSFW

01 Dec 2023

This particular variant allows us to toggle between the Top, the bottom front, the bottom side/back and the panties. Now that I look through them, the swimsuit bottoms weren't included, which is my bad, but that would've made the mod files even more ridiculously oversized, so... oh well!

Yelan Tactical Bunny Mod 24 MB Exclusive

Yelan Tactical Bunny Mod NSFW

15 Nov 2023

Fulfilling a Patron request today between Furina mods, here's one where Yelan has Lynette's nude harness outfit, but without the extra gloves/boots/pauldrons. I took a bit of time to customize the cat logo too, turning it into a bunny logo - pretty happy with that touch! ;)