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Fuxuan OG Outfit Megatoggle 

Upload: 07 Jul 2024, 15:57
Created by: Lewd Lad
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Fuxuan OG Outfit Megatoggle
  • Designed, Modelled and Textured by LewdLad

  • Additional texturing, coding, design and modelling assistance by Never from LewdModdingTeam


Never here! We're back today with more Fuxuan!

This one's our first Megatoggle for Star Rail! Starting off with our Enhanced Fuxuan as the base, allowing you to strip her down and swap out her tops, underwear, take off her shoes & stockings and remove her medallion as you wish! I added the ability to remove the medallion in case anyone wanted a clearer, unobstructed view of her chest.

Hope you guys enjoy going through our Master Diviner's whole wardrobe with this mod!

We'll have some Firefly content coming out next week, so be prepared! LewdLad and I are cooking! Sharkcat out!


  • Y - Toggle Medallion [2 Variants]

  • H - Toggle Top [7 Variants]

  • N - Toggle Bottoms [5 Variants]

  • 6 - Toggle Stockings & Shoes [2 Variants]

Alpha Raiden Megatoggle 117 MB Exclusive

Alpha Raiden Megatoggle NSFW

22 Mar 2024
3 065

More Alpha Raiden for all you skin tight suit lovers today! She's able to toggle her arms/legs parts independently, as well as her torso parts! I also worked on a new muscle body texture for it using a range of images for reference - let me know what you think!

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