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How to install Mods for the Genshin Impact

Upload: 26 Feb 2023, 13:47
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
How to install Mods for the Genshin Impact

Here are the Requirements:

  • You must have the game fully updated with file integrity already verified!
    (For safety)
  • Any program to extract ZIP/RAR Files, like 7Zip or Winrar
  • 3DMigoto
  • (Optional) Get a local private server running or Join one
    Please read this article
    >>Not going full on detail, sorry<<

Will you get banned for this?
No, there has been no reports so far of people getting banned. Just make sure to NEVER show your UID when showcasing mods or streaming with them.

How to play with mods?

1. Install 3DMigoto, download the file from the github link above and then extract it!
More ZIP files will appear, but you have to look for the one named "3dmigoto GIMI (for playing mods).zip", take that file to an easy-to-access folder and extract it

2. Edit 3DMigoto's .EXE target, the importer needs to find your game's executable for it to work!:

  • Enter to 3DMigoto's folder and open d3dx.ini with notepad.
  • Look for the line that starts with "target =" under the [Loader] section (You can use Ctrl + B to do a quick search).

That is where your game's main .EXE path/directory has to go!

The game's executable path usually looks like this:

  • Copy your path and paste it after "target =" replacing the old/default path the line comes with, don't forget to add  \GenshinImpact.exe  at the end!

And PLEASE make sure it's the actual game's executable and NOT the launcher.

3. Install your mods!

  • After downloading them, extract the RAR/ZIP files and put the extracted FOLDERS into 3DMigoto's "Mods" folder. Only one mod per character works, do NOT install multiple mods for a single character.

4. Launch 3DMigoto Loader.exe,a cmd window should appear stating
"3DMigoto Ready - Now run the game"

5. Start up the game through the launcher.

And You're done! the mods should work at this point.

  • If you're seeing no changes, try pressing F10 (This RELOADS the mods)
  • If that still doesn't work, check the d3dx.ini file again for errors.

Keep in mind, the Mods will NOT stay in the game, you have to open 3DMigoto everytime you wanna keep playing with mods! 


Note:Don't worry about this orange Text, it's a usual thing that can be ignored... unless any character looks completely broken.

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  1. Elthon Sinatra
    Elthon Sinatra [Guests]
    23 June 2024 06:10

    I Lost all mY Save game, monts, years playng for nothing all lost because Ive install LUCK MODE samebody helpme please 🤮😭😭😭😱😰😭😭😭😓😫

    1. Elthon
      Elthon [Guests]
      23 June 2024 06:12

      In cell Phone my saves gonne forever 

  2. Pomgrean
    Pomgrean [Users]
    14 April 2024 17:56

    Character looks completely broken even after F10 reload, removal from party, and teleporting. Help.

  3. MichaelTime229
    MichaelTime229 [Users]
    12 April 2024 20:43

    Hi, I have the crash models
    how do I fix it?

  4. Slash
    Slash [Guests]
    1 January 2024 22:50


    Помле установки mod нарушилась текстура персонажа. Как исправить?

  5. SLIZ
    SLIZ [Guests]
    22 June 2023 22:24

    Вот прикол а я все на телефон хотел