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M4K1 Animations for WickedWhims 44.4 kB

M4K1 Animations for WickedWhims NSFW

23 Apr 2024

I mostly do FutaxFemale animations, but these can ofc be used on MalexFemale pairings too. I've been doing animations for a while now. But only for my personal use (I'm shy 😷). Now I'm slowly trying to start uploading them here for everyone to use. I hope you like them!

Eve V9.1 ~ A Nipple Slider Yayyyy

Eve V9.1 ~ A Nipple Slider Yayyyy NSFW

15 Apr 2024
1 951

Drop the files into your Mods folder. Then, simply use the WW body selector to select the Evev9.1 top and bottom for your sims. Body parts come with overlays so you don’t have to add anything in CAS.