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Life Tragedies Mod 1.3.3 (04.07.2024)  

Upload: 21 Mar 2022, 09:23
Last updated: 9-07-2024, 16:57
Created by: Sacrificial [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Life Tragedies Mod 1.3.3 (04.07.2024)

Life tragedies 18+ (a cruel thing, affects all ages, from babies to the elderly). Add dark realism to your Sims' lives. Adds kidnappings, deadly diseases, armed robberies, car crashes and bandits.

Welcome to the Halloween Horror update!
Now Jason Voorhees and his machete will join the maniacs. Be afraid characters!
Added 7 brand new sophisticated kills:
- Guts with a machete
- Lift up and guts with a machete
- Guts with a knife from the back
- Throw to the ground and stab in the back
- Choke from behind
- Crush the head on the ground
- Shot in the back with a pistol
Added player controlled character kidnapping.
Now you can kidnap other characters (from teenagers to old people) for ransom or keep them imprisoned.
To kidnap a character, click on him -> Life tragedies -» Kidnap and take him to the cave. Your characters will then arrive at the Forgotten Grotto and the abductee will be added to your active family (only if you don't already have 8 characters).
You can get a ransom of $25,000 for the kidnapped person.
After the ransom is paid, the family will rush to hug the kidnapped and take him home.
There is a small chance that family members will shoot the kidnapper, inflicting a mortal wound on him, which, however, can be cured by surgery.

Your character can torment a kidnapped person by cutting off his arm, spanking him, burning his skin with a cigarette, or breaking a bottle on his head.

Brainwashing. Your character will place a brainwashing device designed by Jim Pickens on the kidnapped's head. In a word, this is intense shock therapy, as a result of which the kidnapped character will lose consciousness, his moodlet and trait of the kidnapped person will be erased.
Abduction not working correctly has been fixed.


serial killers

  • The mod adds 5 serial killers:
    - Sapphire Hudson "Seductive Mistress"
    - Patrick Rogers "The Hated Bookworm"
    - Williard Kline "Son of the Flame"
    - Matthew Briggs "University Professor"
    - Zenny Antovan "Killer Nanny"
  • Killers can spawn autonomously in the city (can be disabled in the Options menu).
  • You can summon one of the assassins by using the "Set Fire to Your Area" and "Smoke a Cigarette" actions.
  • When you call the killer, he/she will come and try to contact your character.
  • Each killer has their own unique dialogue that you can react to either positively or negatively. A positive response will create sympathy between your character and the killer, while a negative response will result in your character's death. Ignoring the killer will not affect your character in any way, he will be safe.
  • There is only a 1% chance that the killer will kill someone in your area.
  • The police will arrest murderers at the scene of the crime, whether they have killed someone or not.

Mode "No pity"

  • If you enjoy watching others get killed, you can summon the killer from the No Mercy menu, which is inside the Serial Killers menu. The killer will come and kill everyone in a row for 240 sim minutes.

Player Controlled Kills:

  • Click on the character you want to kill and select "Life Tragedies" → "Murders"
  • There are 6 ways to kill a character:
    - Run down on a bike and shoot
    - Stab in the throat
    - Stab with a pen
    - Set fire (if you want to set everything on fire, you can purchase a flamethrower in the "Purchase posters and flyers about a serial killer" menu).
    - Strangle with a diaper
    - Give a poisoned apple (baby - elderly)
  • If the character is seen by the police during the murder, they will arrest him.
  • Some kills will flood your character with blood, which can be washed off in the shower, or you can click on the character and select the "Clean Blood" interaction.

Note: The action "Bike Down and Shoot" requires a large distance between the victim and the killer. If the distance is not enough, then the character will say that he cannot pass and the interaction will be canceled.

Flyers and posters about serial killers

  • In the "Serial Killers" menu, you can find the "Purchase Serial Killer Posters and Flyers" action.
  • Each killer has a poster and leaflet with information about him.
  • With the help of the poster, you can find out information about the killer, call him/her or call the police.
  • You can also buy a cigarette and a flamethrower here, which are needed for the actions “Set fire to the area near you” and “Smoke a cigarette”.


  • Your characters can be kidnapped by a gang. They will demand a ransom. Don't try to trick them or they will shoot you.
  • As soon as the character is kidnapped, you will start receiving messages from the kidnappers that will allow you to contact them.
  • You can also report the kidnapping to the police or write about it on social media. networks.
  • When you fulfill all the requirements of the kidnappers, they will tell you the place where the hostage is being held. You will go there, save the victim and return home safely (or not, if you do something stupid).

Deadly diseases

  • Your characters may fall ill with a deadly disease. You can have surgery (20% chance of success) to cure them, or ignore it, but then your character will die.
  • You can see how much a character has left to live on the needs panel.
  • You can go to the hospital to have surgery (Requires Get to Work DLC).

Armed robbery

  • Robbers can break into your home and steal money and furniture!
  • They can shoot your family members, including toddlers and children.
  • You can try to fight off the robber so that he leaves.
  • You can call the police during a robbery.
  • You can play as a burglar, steal money and furniture from other characters and shoot them (meaning characters, not money and furniture).

Note: Only NPCs (Non-Player Characters) can kill babies and children.


  • Your character can be attacked by bullies, they will insult him and may beat him, they can also break into your house and mock the character there.
  • You can fight the bullies to get them to leave. The character with the higher fitness skill will win the fight.
  • You can also intimidate other characters yourself (mock, beat, ridicule).

car accidents

  • Your characters can get hit by a car and die from it.

V 1.2.5 Release Notes

  • The mod has been united into 1 version, there are no longer 2 separate versions of the mod "Base Game Version" & "Get To Work Version" it's now combined into 1 version with the tests being performed through the mod's script file instead of having to manually choose what expansion pack you have.

      Thanks to Lot51 for helping with the script! ♥

  • Fixed an issue where a sim would not get kidnapped correctly if the player didn't have testing cheats enabled.

      (This caused the kidnapped sim to stay in the household and not leave with the kidnapper)

  • Your sim will no longer get kidnapped if they were the only (Teen-Elder) HUMAN sim in the household.
  • When getting kidnapped, the "Get Kidnapped" interaction will no longer get queued over and over again, it will queue once and keep running.
  • Added a tool-tip to the "Contact Kidnappers" interaction so the player would know why they can't contact the kidnappers yet.
  • Fixed an issue where cops never showed up if you didn't have Get To Work EP installed.
  • Fixed an error that you would get if you travel to the hospital location to have surgery performed if you didn't have my "Zombie Apocalypse -Mod-" installed
  • You can now travel to the hospital location to have surgery performed alone without receiving a last exception error.
  • You can now purchase multiple items again from the "Purchase Serial Killer Items" interaction.
  • Fixed random animations last exception errors that could occur if a sim was supposed to play an animation but was interrupted by a different interaction/animation.
  • Added an interaction to Willard Klaine's fire ash "Destroy Fire's Ash" to immediately destroy the ash left by Willard Klain's Fire.
  • You can now "Smoke Cigarette" by clicking on the Cigarette in your sims inventory
  • Removed interaction restrictions for serial killers, you can now access all interactions when you click on them.
  • Disabled player controlled murders in schools.
  • Fixed a few text typos.
  • Thanks for reporting errors and to OnyxAngel22 for testing and documenting the errors ♥
BG - Walkby Overhaul 88 KB

BG - Walkby Overhaul NSFW

13 Apr 2022

Works the same as before, but better... you'll see only residents around in residential neighbourhood, less sims from other world in general in venues too, the game will always try to pick residents first. Place some sims not in world to not reduce too much the walkby around.

Sci-Fi Phone Overrides

Sci-Fi Phone Overrides NSFW

21 Apr 2022

Default replacement. Will conflict with other mods that changing phone mesh. This is the static version. Phone screens not changing while using different function - chat, calls etc

BG - Autonomy Toggle 135 KB

BG - Autonomy Toggle NSFW

03 Apr 2022

This is a mod I did when I tried to fix another mod I was using for the same purpose, and then decided that I didn't like that mod at all in the end, and decided to work a mod that did the same thing but that I actually like.

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