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STALKER Anomaly Redux 19.86 GB

STALKER Anomaly Redux

25 Dec 2022, 15:12

STALKER Anomaly Redux - a collection of modifications for Call of Chernobyl, which includes more than 130 different addons. The assembly includes mods such as Misery, Last Day, Dead Air and many other major modifications.

Sorting Plus (Anomaly 1.5.1/1.5.2) 25.28kb

Sorting Plus (Anomaly 1.5.1/1.5.2)

19 Nov 2022, 08:45

Reenables categorized grouping of items in the inventory screens. Optional AMCM support allows for selecting which screens, and sorting control. Added kind override via ltx, if you have customized the sortingplus ltx you will need to merge the new section in manually to retain your changes.

EXPEDITION 2.2.1 Graphics & Gameplay Overhaul 10 GB

EXPEDITION 2.2.1 Graphics & Gameplay Overhaul

19 Nov 2022, 08:40
2 051

EXPEDITION is a Software Rendering tweak addon that aims to improve the visual fidelity of Anomaly 1.5.2. It comes pre-packed with a customized Enhanced Shaders Framework, lighting, rendering and surface processing edits, weather tweaks, new effects, and much more.