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BigBadBunny's Animations Patreon for WickedWhims (23.05.2024) 

Upload: 23 Aug 2022, 09:12
Last updated: 26-05-2024, 15:11
Created by: By Big Bad Bunny [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Edit Reason: Updated - 26-05-2024, 15:11 » [Aqxaro]
BigBadBunny's Animations Patreon for WickedWhims (23.05.2024)


I just learning and trying to create WickedWhims animations for Sims 4. Started about 2 month ago from total zero with tutorials by TURBODRIVER. Today I want to share all I have done. 

Animation List

 MMF - Toilet Stall Voyer ♥ Toilet Stall  Vaginal

 MF - Toilet Stall Fuck ♥ Toilet Stall  Vaginal (the same, but without voyer)

 MF - Holding Legs ♥ Floor  Vaginal

 MF - Floor TitJob ♥ Floor  Oraljob

 MMF - Shy Guys ♥ Double bed  Handjob

 MF - Sofa TitJob ♥  Sofa  Oraljob

 MF - Sofa Cunni ♥   Sofa  Oraljob

 MMF - Titfuck and Lick Pussy ♥  Double bed  Oraljob

 MF - Hard Doggy Anal ♥  Single Bed  Anal

 MF - Sofa Vaginal ♥  Sofa  Vaginal

 MMF - Shy Guys - Climax ♥ Double bed  Climax


Some GIFS. More you can find HERE

You don't required anything for my anims, but in future I'd like to use props, like toys or cum mesh. I was looking for a tutorial for this, how to attach props, but still haven't found it yet. If you can help, I'll be very grateful.

Golden88's Animations 4.08 MB

Golden88's Animations NSFW

22 Apr 2022
3 957

7 new animations from the creator Golden88. To perform animations, you must first download the WickedWhims mod and then download the animation pack.

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  1. Satisfied
    Satisfied [Guests]
    25 December 2022 22:39

    Как корректно пользоваться модом?

    1. satisfied
      satisfied [Guests]
      25 December 2022 22:39

      Потому что никаких анимаций нет(

      1. PLGDante
        PLGDante [Chief editors]
        25 December 2022 23:19

        Анимации находятся в папке в каталоге zip

    2. 3rends
      3rends [Guests]
      14 April 2023 21:48

      For Wicked Wims animations