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Wicked Pets 

Upload: 24 Apr 2022, 12:02
Created by: ColonolNutty
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Wicked Pets

This mod is considered obsolete and is contained entirely in Devious Desires. Please uninstall Wicked Pets and install instead Devious Desires.

Requirement: Wicked Whims, Sims 4 Community Library


  • Includes pets for use in the Wicked Whims mod
  • Sex and sex autonomy
  • Nudity and Nudity Autonomy
  • pregnancy
  • Pets / Hybrid Pregnancy
  • People can have pets
  • Pets can give birth to people.
  • Works with selectable pets

Requirements for the mod:

  • Sims 4 version (Eco Lifestyle) or HIGHER.
  • Public release  of Wicked Whims v157* or v158.* (Patreon)
  • If you are using a lower or higher version, performance is not guaranteed, use the old / new versions at your own risk!
  • The Patreon version will NEVER be supported. ColonolNutty doesn't want to support multiple mods.
  • At least  S4CL 1.30 (Download and install  Sims 4 Community Library 1.30)
  • S4CL is a library that does not conflict with any other mod, 100% guaranteed. And even more so, she does not conflict with Wicked Whims. If you suspect that this is not the case, then make sure that you have installed everything correctly.
  • S4CL  is NOT affiliated with Kinky Whims and is not responsible for Kinky Whims in any way. Please do not report Kinky Whims issues to the S4CL author(s).
  • If you get the error "Module not found 'sims4communitylib'" then you didn't install S4CL correctly.
  • Cats & Dogs DLC (Duh!) / Supplement "Cats and Dogs"

- Download and install Wicked Whims
- Download and install S4CL
- Download Wicked Pets
- Unzip the archive and move the files to the Mods folder (...\The Sims 4\Mods\)
- Download the translation and put it in the mod folder
- Enjoy

NSFW 18+ Small Mod Pack 33 KB

NSFW 18+ Small Mod Pack NSFW

01 Apr 2022
4 160

This was a request from one of my lovely fans and I hope you all enjoy it. A little different since I rarely make NSFW content, but if you like adult content for your sims... this is it!

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  1. madMac
    madMac [Guests]
    16 October 2023 23:43

    where i can find animations for this mod?

  2. tostus
    tostus [Guests]
    2 July 2023 20:08

    caundo lo arreglaran?

    1. 666BenitoCamela999
      666BenitoCamela999 [Users]
      2 July 2023 22:27

      Download Devious Desires

  3. Dojang6
    Dojang6 [Guests]
    5 December 2022 15:17

    I've tried everything I know to do to get this mod to work, nothing. this puppy does not work.

  4. Kim
    Kim [Guests]
    20 October 2022 14:32

    The Mod doesn't Work.. i Had Downloaded some Animations but It says That i don't have any. 

    Maybe someone can Help me

  5. PLGDante
    PLGDante [Chief editors]
    4 October 2022 21:23

    I think this mod is not compatible with the newest Sims4 Patch (Highschool Years) 

  6. Addazard
    Addazard [Guests]
    1 October 2022 21:45

    Hello, could you help me, I have a problem with this MOD, I have the following error:

    File "wickedpets\third_party_integration\wickedwhims\", line 17, in strapon_part_id
    AttributeError: 'SimEv' object has no attribute 'strapon_part_id'
    Failed to translate WW Body Parts to DD Body Parts! -> AttributeError: 'SimEv' object has no attribute 'strapon_part_id'

    Is it interfering with some other mod I have installed?

    I recognize that I haven't installed any translation and the following steps inform you about it:

    •  Download the translation and put it in the mod folder.

    But I don't see any link to download the translation or is the problem something else? 

    1. ZFyre
      ZFyre [Guests]
      20 November 2023 09:14

      It looks like the wicked whims animation is not translating correctly to a DD animation.

      Maybe if you use an animation set specifically for devious desires.

      The line shows something about a strap_on.

      I want to say it's a conflicting mesh. As in the penis (that its reading as a strap on?) specifically is having issues playing from whicked whims.

  7. Arima
    Arima [Guests]
    30 September 2022 12:27

    Everytime I try to use this mod it says no animations, but when I look for animations I have a whole list. Does this happen for anybody else and how do I fix this?