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Khlas Patreon Sex Animations (27.02.2024) 

Upload: 30 Mar 2022, 12:08
Last updated: 2-03-2024, 12:45
Created by: khyan69 [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Edit Reason: Version updated - 2-03-2024, 12:45 » [PLGDante]
Khlas Patreon Sex Animations (27.02.2024)

A new animator recently started creating animation for The Sims 4, mostly NSFW sex animation for M/M. This author is also known as Alex788 from the nexus website. Added patreon animations. Patreon.

Khlas CC Random Stuff (17.02.2024)
BDP Alpha Build
WW.KhlasAnimations Patreon.7z

Sims Celina 162.8 MB

Sims Celina NSFW

23 May 2023
5 940

First, unzip the mods Copy the uncompressed files to the: Documents folder »Electronic Arts» The Sims 4 »Mods

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  1. Ieyasu
    Ieyasu [Guests]
    1 March 2024 21:43

    please update

  2. Guest Anon
    Guest Anon [Guests]
    19 February 2024 16:47

    The new animations aren't included in WW_KhlasGayAnimations.package

  3. pottu
    pottu [Guests]
    29 December 2023 22:42

    can someone lpz help me. this is my first time using this site and i have no idea how to download this.

    1. hypno
      hypno [Guests]
      11 February 2024 23:29

      hey, not sure if you got help.

      there's a download bottom under the red text [DOWNLOAD (138MB)]

      click that and it'll take you to, just keep pressing download until it does :) 

      that's what i do x

  4. Bilbo
    Bilbo [Guests]
    3 November 2023 17:17

    He updated again, plz update

  5. greymatter
    greymatter [Users]
    25 October 2023 02:32

    hey there's a new update! ♥

  6. dann
    dann [Guests]
    23 May 2023 01:45

    Please update to the newest version.

  7. ash
    ash [Guests]
    28 December 2022 23:24

    Is there a new Patreon version available?