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Dueling Bunny Clorinde  

Upload: 07 Jul 2024, 19:02
Created by: Lewd Lad
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Dueling Bunny Clorinde
  • Modelled, Designed, Textured by LewdLad


One of the featured concept designs for this Clorinde series - she makes it into the game, better than I had envisioned her! Just the right amount of lewd for those that enjoy good mods but still have significant others, room mates and family walking around! :D

Also spent a lot more time tweaking elements... the cape seems to be working perfectly now, and I also fixed up some minor boob clipping that I noticed while taking screenshots.


Uses ORFix. Download from

Golden Muscles Dehya

Golden Muscles Dehya NSFW

18 Apr 2024

This one has been a while coming... I've had a variety of requests over time to return to Dehya, and I've been meaning to - but the problem is I made Dehya about a year ago, and she was the impetus for a lot of system improvements we've made to the way we author mods - but she herself was never

Yae Miko With a Tail 3.1MB

Yae Miko With a Tail

08 Jun 2023

Adds a fox tail to Yae Miko's model and adjusts the skirt to fit the tail so you can have the Yae Miko of your dreams. luckily the devs included her tail texture in her hair texture.

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