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Water Lily Furrinya  

Upload: 09 Jul 2024, 20:29
Created by: Lewd Lad
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Water Lily Furrinya
  • Outfit Modelled and Textured by Mimo4e based on art from 喵咕君QAQ(KH3) on Pixiv

  • Base Body and additional modifications by LewdLad


Oh, it's tea time

Furrinya's got just the dress for the occasion! The Water Lily outfit is back, this time for Furrinya and with more cute accessories! On top of that, we've integrated TexFx transparency for additional flare, and given her more elegant lingerie instead of panties~

We'll lewd this up soon, but for now enjoy this graceful new outfit!


To get transparency working, please download TexFx from here

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