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Arlecchino Tech Drip Multi-Toggle 

Upload: 07 Jul 2024, 13:03
Created by: Lewd Lad
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Arlecchino Tech Drip Multi-Toggle
  • Designed, Modelled and Textured by LewdLad

  • Arm texturing assistance provided by Detona on LewdModdingTeam


Arlecchino returns with her Drip Multi-toggle! In this variant, you control the jacket, breast covers, pussy cover and suit as well as stockings - so you can see exactly what you want! :D


Hot keys:

  • [Up] To toggle Help Menu

  • [6] Drip Jacket Open/Off/Closed

  • [Y] Breast Covers Full/Half/None

  • [H] Pussy Cover On/Off/No Suit

  • [N] Stockings On/Off

+++++++++Update TexFX and ORFix for 4.6 for this mod please+++++++++++

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