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Lunaria ~ Reshade Preset {lunamoth}  

Upload: 02 Sep 2023, 14:07
Created by: lunamoth [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Lunaria ~ Reshade Preset {lunamoth}

☘ a more clear & defined version of vanilla;
☘ deeper greens & darks, warmer lights;
☘ bloom, ambient occlusion & depth of field w/ bokeh;
☘ slightly colder tint (easy to adjust if you want)
☘ suitable for both playing & screenshoting*

🔧 i’m using the latest version of reshade (5.5.2) - I’m don’t know if it will work on earlier releases, but I guess it should be fine if you have at least version 5.x.x.

*🍃 there are a few effects that make the game UI less readable in certain situations; as well as mxao messing up dof at some angles - that’s why I’ve also made hotkeys to turn them off if you need:
• {ctrl + shift + M} - toggle mxao
• {ctrl + shift + F} - toggle dep
th of field
• {ctrl + shift + B} - toggle bloom

🌓 to make the picture colder/warmer, you can simply adjust the ‘color temperature’ shader to your liking!

Sunblind 254 MB


27 Feb 2023
1 368

Sunblind is a fully custom, realistic lighting overhaul created for The Sims 4. Unlike my previous mods, none of the lighting in this mod is based on existing EA lighting and each world is individually tuned to ensure the best possible fit.

Vivid Sweet FX Preset

Vivid Sweet FX Preset

09 Jun 2022

The Sims 4 seems to have a very boring coloring. A good option would be to use reshade, but it is very heavy and reduces the frame rate a lot.

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  1. Евгений Васильевич Вовкогон
    Евгений Васильевич Вовкогон [Guests]
    16 November 2023 13:17

    Хотелось бы разнообразить игру, так как оригинальная игра банальная и быстро надоедает, хочется внести пару красок для визуального вида,