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Path of Legends V 1.1.1 (04.07.2024)  

Upload: 13 Apr 2022, 18:13
Last updated: 9-07-2024, 16:54
Created by: Sacrificial [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Path of Legends V 1.1.1 (04.07.2024)

Embark on a journey to become a deadly warrior and follow the path of legends. Train your Sim and level up to unlock new attacks, complete assassination missions, and go against enemy fighters.

Mod Info:
Requires base game only
Compatible with all mods

Mod has 2 new skills

This mod adds 10 new assassin interactions, new custom animations and 2 different sword styles!
Key Feature:

  • This mod adds a new circular menu "Path of the Legends" and inside you will find different paths to choose from.

Katana/Great Sword Path:

  • -Each menu contains the ability to practice this style, attacks for it and the ability to start an event of this style. Leveling up your skills unlocks new attacks for this style.
  • - Level up by practicing sword techniques, starting and ending events, or killing other Sims.
  • ٍsocial event:
  • Once you practice your katana/sword skills, you unlock the ability to start your events.
  • - Triggering the Katana event will summon warriors that use big swords to attack you and vice versa.
  • - Complete objectives using various attacks to end the event and get rewards.

Murder Job:

  • Once you practice any of the sword styles, you will start getting requests from sims who want to kill other sims but don't want the trouble of doing the job themselves.
  • A successful kill will reward your Sim with Simoleons
  • You have the option to choose whether you want to kill them or not.
  • You also have the option to disable this feature from the options menu if you wish to stop receiving kill requests
  • additional 
Brand New Bedsheets v.1.1

Brand New Bedsheets v.1.1

14 Apr 2022
2 205

This mod will allow your characters to change bedding and add more realism to the game. When changing the sheets, a pile of dirty laundry will appear next to the bed, and the characters will receive a new moodlet from clean sheets.

Citrus Tree Collection by Robin 2.85 MB

Citrus Tree Collection by Robin

15 Jun 2022

Most of them, unlike their more popular counterparts, are prized for their rind and not their juice, such as the Yuzu, the Citron and the Laraha, however the Calamansi is often used to make a sweet but tart juice in the Philippines, which is similar to still lemonade.

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