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Sim Torments MOD V 1.3.1 (04.07.2024)  

Upload: 20 Mar 2022, 07:41
Last updated: 9-07-2024, 15:37
Created by: Sacrificial [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Sim Torments MOD V 1.3.1 (04.07.2024)

In no way do I condone, encourage or support violence. The mod is suitable for playing various stories.

If you can’t stand any character and he infuriates you or you play the role of an evil sorcerer or maniac, then this mod is just right for you.

With it you will be able to:
- strip hair
- undress
- make you slap yourself
- steal a soul
- set fire to
- to be electrocuted
- induce vomiting
- make you wet yourself
- stink
- lose energy
- summon a tornado
- send to hell
- to spoil the mood
- age
- rejuvenate
- change body composition
- move
- roll your neck
- blow up
- toss

New types of torture have been added, namely 10 new mortal torments and sufferings to mutilate your characters properly:
- burn with acid;
- send to the abyss;
- crush with the piano;
- cause a helicopter crash;
- shoot yourself;
- release the intestines;
- open the veins;
- drown;
- get hit with an ax in the head;
- summon a lightning strike.

All interactions can have different consequences for your characters, even lethal, so be careful when experimenting!

Added 10 Deadly Torments!

  • Burn With Acid
  • Suck Into The Abyss
  • Crush With Piano
  • Crush With Helicopter
  • Shoot Self
  • Stab Guts
  • Slit Wrist
  • Drown
  • Axe To The Head
  • Lightning Strike

Added Deform Face Torment

  • The selected sim's face will get deformed into an ugly mess!
  • Sims will be scared from the sim with the deformed face
  • Friendship/Romantic relationships with this sim will decrease MASSIVELY on negative outcomes.
  • You can fix the deformed sim's face by selecting "Fix Deformed Face" by selecting the sim with the deformed face!

Other Changes

  • The "What just happened moodlet will now have the "Scared" emotion.

How to use?

  • Click on the sim that you want to torment/kill and choose any interaction from the "Sim Torments" Pie Menu
Hidden From You 8 MB

Hidden From You

29 Sep 2022

Are you tired of your sims walking wherever they please? Do you wish you could have a comfort item that your Sims won’t sit on? Or are you sick of finding a random plate on a shelf or half wall?

Teach me the Rumbasim

Teach me the Rumbasim

03 Apr 2022

Learn the Rumbasim Dance. I know there is a Mod out there which disables the Skill requirement to dance the Rumbasim but we all know that is not my kind of Gameplay^^

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