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Installing mods: …Snow\data\ game\game\Content\Paks\~Mods

Tess swimsuit  

Upload: 31 Mar 2024, 17:40
Created by: kongge [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Tess swimsuit

Tess swimsuit version

Attention Required:If you want to change the file name, make sure to add _p after the file name.

请将文件放在“Snow\data\ game\game\Content\Paks\~Mods”中使用。如果没有新建一个。
Instal in your ~mods folder located here: Snow\data\ game\game\Content\Paks\~Mods
If you don't have one, make it.


WildHunt Street Code Adjust 20.8MB

WildHunt Street Code Adjust

02 Apr 2024

WildHunt street code adjust. I find that Seasun will adjust it when I make this mod, so I decide not to adjust more thing before update. short the pants and slightly bigger butt to make it close to PV. add pink string, adjust belly, improve breast physics.

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