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Sun Sensitive Zombies  

Upload: 24 Nov 2022, 03:14
Created by: random
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Sun Sensitive Zombies

Another take on Night/Day zombies! One of my nit picks with the night/day mods I've tried thus far, is the timing of the lore shift from day to night isn't always accurate year-round. Sometimes the zeds will start sprinting hours before or sometimes even hours after it gets dark!

This mod allows you to create differing night and day zombie behaviors that will change based on a brightness level of the sun, that you select!

Due to recent life stuff my work on this mod will be halted. Not sure when I'll be able to pick it back up. If someone else wants to pick up the slack, feel free.

Problem - Setting any of the zombie selections to 'random' will cause them to randomly change states every few seconds.
Why it's happening - The mod works by reading the surrounding zombie's state every few seconds, and making sure their settings are what they should be. So what's happening is the zombies are getting assigned a new, random setting, every update tick.

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