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Upload: 24 Nov 2022, 03:41
Created by: Riko Prushka
Uploaded by: Aqxaro

Enjoy watching your favourite cartoons during the zombie apocalypse event

This mod replace vanilla TV tiles to display cartoon images on the TV screen.
When you turn on the TVs, watch VHS, or listen to CDs, cartoon sounds will be played.

+ 18 Cartoon TV screen images
+ 23 Cartoon TV sounds

Each TV model includes 6 images for west and east orientation
Antique Television = 3 + 3
ValuTech Television = 3 + 3
Premium Technologies Television = 3 + 3

You can get XP boosts by watching TV as usual.

Simply click "Tune in" to change sound clips. No need to change the channel.

VHS: Drag and drop a video tape into the TV slot. Then click play. Click "Tune in" to change sound clips.

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