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Firearms B41 AR & SMG Rebalance  

Upload: 24 Nov 2022, 04:05
Created by: リハビリ中
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Firearms B41 AR & SMG Rebalance

Requires Firearms B41

Are you fed up with military firearms that are supposed to be powerful but are poorer than the average pistol?
Adjust the performance of some of the guns added in Firearms B41 to make them more deadly and effective.

So what did this mod do?
  • The base hit rate for all assault rifles and SMGs and the hit rate bonus from the aiming skill will be increased.
    No more waiting to use these weapons until your aiming skill is 10.
    Specifically, the recommended aiming skill for assault rifles (and battle rifles) is 5 to 6, ideally 7 or higher.
    SMGs will be 4 to 5, ideally 6, with a lower requirement level than assault rifles.

  • Re-worked damage on all assault rifles and SMGs, adding critical chance and critical damage bonuses.
    With the proper aiming skills, the chances of killing a zombie with a single hit are greatly improved.

  • Gives high mobility to assault rifles and SMGs.
    This allows you to shoot effectively while on the move, provided you have sufficiently high aiming skills.
    Are you a seasoned shooter who has taken down thousands of zombies? There is no reason why you should have to stop and take careful aim like a novice.
    But remember, it is still most effective to stop and aim accurately.

  • The minimum range has been shortened and at zero range you now shoot rather than press the zombie.
    Also, the aiming angle has been reduced, so the aiming cursor must be more accurately aligned with the target than before.
    This change reduces the chance of bullets being sucked into unintended targets.

  • Improves durability and reliability of all assault rifles and SMGs.
    Some guns now have tremendous durability for longer use.

  • Improved performance of attachments, mainly for assault rifles and SMGs.
    This has made the benefits of customizing your gun greater than before, but be aware that you still need proper aiming skills to get true performance from your gun. (e.g., critical chance).
The following is a summary of the guns and attachments with changes made.

Assault Rifle / Carbine
  • The M16 is a highly accurate and maneuverable assault rifle with average range and damage.
    Instead of being slightly heavier than the A1, the M16A2 is more durable and has a slightly longer range.
    Unfortunately, the three-burst mode cannot be reproduced, so, well, there is no significant difference.

  • The AR-15 is a civilian version of the M16.
    The firing mode has been changed from single-shot to full-auto with a reduced firing rate, reproducing quicker semi-auto firing than before.
    (As many of you know, in this game, even a semi-automatic gun can fire continuously like a full-automatic gun by clicking and holding the M1.
    Therefore, we believe this change makes sense).
    Also, like the M16, the gun can now be used with scopes, suppressors, and other attachments.

  • The Colt Commando is probably one of the most coveted rifles by anyone.
    It does a little less damage and range, but it has great accuracy, mobility, reliability, and is very lightweight.

  • Although the AK-47 is inferior to the M16 in accuracy and mobility and is heavier, it does significantly more damage and can more easily kill a zombie.
    It also boasts incredible durability and reliability, making it the perfect gun as a friend on a long journey.

  • The SKS has been replaced by a slow-rate full-auto mode gun similar to the AR-15.
    The damage and weight are almost the same as the AK-47, but the range is slightly longer and the mobility is reduced instead.
    Reliability is equally high, so choose between it and the AK-47 if that's your preference.

    Battle Rifle
  • High caliber rifles, including the M14, have greatly buffed range and damage.
    They are somewhat more difficult to handle and less maneuverable than assault rifles such as the M16, but with the proper aiming skills, they are beasts that can kill most zombies with a single shot.
    A low-rate full-auto mode has also been added.

  • The FN FAL is a very rare battle rifle that weighs a bit more than the M14, but instead offers improved reliability and mobility.
    However, it does not accept a wide variety of scopes like the M14.

  • The M60 is a machine gun, not a battle rifle, but we will summarize it in this section.
    I've buffed it appropriately to be balanced with other rifles, so, well, there's not much to say.
    Wipe out the zombie hordes.

  • The M1 Garand is very heavy and has limited magazine capacity, but it has become a powerful rifle with the strongest damage at the moment.
    Handling is similar to the M14, so with proper aiming skills it is not too difficult to use.
    Be aware, however, that it is even noisier than a modern battle rifles.

  • SMGs, including the MP5, have significantly less range and damage than assault rifles, but can be used from lower aiming skills.
    They have also been modified to have a similar critical chance to pistols, so headshots can compensate for the lower damage.
    The MP5 in particular is highly accurate, lightweight, and maneuverable, but not as reliable.

  • The UZI is a very reliable SMG, although it has a shorter range and is heavier than the MP5.

  • The MAC10 has been recalibrated to be a bit of a special gun.
    Instead of having a very short range, it can spread its high-damage .45-caliber rounds over a wide area, giving it excellent DPS, especially indoors.
    It is also worth noting that lightweight, yet extremely reliable and durable.
    The problem is that it is a very rare weapon.
    PS: It can now be stored in a holster.

  • Laser sights now have a 60% increased to accuracy bonus and now gives a small bonus to aiming time.
    Also, the laser sight now removes the minimum range of the gun to which it is attached.
    When used in conjunction with a scope, the penalty to minimum range can be canceled.
    And now it can be mounted on AK, SKS, and M1911.

  • Red dot now have a 60% increased to aiming time bonus and now gives a small bonus to accuracy.
    And now it can be mounted on AK, SKS.

  • All scopes now give a slight bonus to accuracy.
    Also, for 2x scopes, the penalty to minimum range has been reduced to account for the relatively wide field of view actually obtained.

  • Rifle bipods now give a lot more accuracy bonuses, but they cannot be mounted at the same time as laser sights.

  • All slings will be much lighter and have a greater weight-reducing effect.

  • The SMG stock now correctly increases the accuracy of the gun.
    Only the MP5 stock retains its accuracy bonus even when retracted, although the effect is reduced.
    Other stocks, however, do nothing when retracted. They only decrease in weight.

  • All suppressors can now be mounted at the same time as the laser sight.
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