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Kiss-n-Grind Mod 1.6.5 

Upload: 16 Jun 2024, 02:49
Last updated: 12-07-2024, 02:25
Created by: UTOPYA_cc [X]
Uploaded by: PLGDante
Version: 1.6.5
Edit Reason: Updated - 12-07-2024, 02:25 » [PLGDante]
Kiss-n-Grind Mod 1.6.5

The main idea was to make a mod that will focus on adding more romantic interactions to the game. to add more realistic moments between couples. I wanted to add what I feel is missing from the game.

So After some searching and looking at what should I make first, I have decided to start with a passionate grinding/dancing interactions, There is too much stuff to cover in the club life. that the game didn't manage to add, other than some silly dances. Your Sims couple can't even dance together.

Therefore I ended up turning These new animations into their own mod, It will be a great foundation for all the ideas that I want to add!!

The new pie menu will appear in the Romance category under the name Kiss and Grind, all the new interactions will appear on it

The interaction won't appear if your sim hasn't had their first kiss yet, or the level of romance is too low

Features Of the Mods:

  • New highly detailed animation
  • Sounds events for the full animation
  • A Dance/romance Interaction
  • A new icon that will suit the new animation
  • The interaction has its own buff's

All the icons used are custom-made by me, I did put extra time into them to be more visually pleasing and match their original content

Requirement :

This mod needs the XML injector by Scumbumbo. You can download it here:

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  1. V
    V [Guests]
    12 July 2024 20:50

    I believe that this has a Trojan. Microsoft Defender Detected it and wouldn't allow me to D/L it. 

    1. V
      V [Guests]
      12 July 2024 20:52

      Detected: Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml

      1. Duo
        Duo [Guests]
        13 July 2024 03:19

        I downloaded this earlier this morning and have had no issue or virus alert. Make sure you are downloading from the modsfire link and not whatever random pop-up site that tends to appear. 

        1. V
          V [Guests]
          13 July 2024 11:13

          I tried again just now and it hasn't blocked it this time. It could have been one of the dodgy sites that open when you generate the DL link. 

          1. Aqxaro
            Aqxaro [Admin]
            13 July 2024 19:35

            Install an ad blocker and there will be no such problems

  2. Guest
    Guest [Guests]
    17 June 2024 08:44

    1.6 is the newest version you have upload 1.5.

    1. PLGDante
      PLGDante [Chief editors]
      17 June 2024 10:25


      1. KupuEIIIKa
        KupuEIIIKa [Users]
        14 July 2024 17:38