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[Patreon] Animation Pack by Steven Studios 

Upload: 19 Dec 2022, 10:32
Last updated: 15-07-2023, 11:53
Created by: Steven Studios [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Edit Reason: Updated - 15-07-2023, 11:53 » [Aqxaro]
[Patreon] Animation Pack by Steven Studios

Hi! I create ANIMATION PACKS with a MOTION CAPTURE SUIT (BODY AND FACE) 100% made by me for The Sims 4 (Starting from the pack of JUNE/2022)  You can use on your Machinimas, Films, Creations or on whatever you like! Have Fun!

• The Sims 4 Animations  

• Realistic Expressions based on the game.

2023/07 New Dance Animations

F/F Facesitting Poses 9 MB

F/F Facesitting Poses NSFW

23 Apr 2022
2 711

Set of face sitting postures with 18 postures, 9 each for up and down. Place two Sims in the same floor pose location. Do the same with the bed and place them in the middle.

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  1. Oile
    Oile [Guests]
    17 July 2023 11:33

    You update this with only 3 New animations??? 😐 3??

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      17 July 2023 13:41

      Added new ones, and those that were not. Pack size was 120 MB, now 170 MB. 

      1. Oile
        Oile [Guests]
        19 July 2023 23:01

        Oh, i had the majority of them already from the previous update and i was looking for talking and walking animations more, not dance animations. That s why i had that  impression and was a bit disaponted😅 Looking forward for the next update! 🙏🏼

  2. Guest ethancollinsbr
    Guest ethancollinsbr [Guests]
    27 June 2023 14:53

    Hello! Could you include Edward Ferso 3D animations?

  3. Brady
    Brady [Guests]
    1 June 2023 14:09

    Omg, finally 😍😍😍. On the next update can you add the “Cool Walks” animation pack? Thx❤️

  4. PLGDante
    PLGDante [Chief editors]
    27 May 2023 11:23


  5. greymatter
    greymatter [Users]
    27 May 2023 08:52

    Update soon? <3

  6. ddgffgt
    ddgffgt [Guests]
    19 May 2023 20:01

    Update this please!

  7. Storysms
    Storysms [Guests]
    2 April 2023 22:59

    Hey, can you update with more talking animations? Thanks

  8. Magic bot
    Magic bot [Guests]
    21 March 2023 01:11

    This is so outdated. Update 

  9. cvdog
    cvdog [Guests]
    17 March 2023 21:08

    More talking and walking animation pls

  10. Guest Sims lover
    Guest Sims lover [Guests]
    15 March 2023 00:35

    i check everyday to see if you updated 😔 Hope you will soon!

  11. Marcodon
    Marcodon [Guests]
    8 March 2023 17:28

    Please update! There are some new and cool animation from Steven Studios

  12. Sims lover
    Sims lover [Guests]
    27 February 2023 15:59

    Hello , i would really love if you can add more of steven studios animations. Can you? Pretty pleeeeaseee 

    Hey, please update this. I need more from Steven Studios. Btw, you are great, love you

  13. ethancollinsbr
    ethancollinsbr [Guests]
    22 December 2022 15:19

    Bring more animations from Steven Studios, please! Thanks