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TS4 - Perfectly Round Body [2024-06-30] 

Upload: 04 Jul 2024, 12:06
Created by: Noir [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro

This is an update of my mod Perfectly Round Breast. The download now includes a more produced and round ass made with my HQ EA bottom mesh. The new body part was requested by DeathMark, and I am really thankful as I ended in love with the with this bottom mesh.

The bottom mesh has multiple variations, one without genitals, with genitals, without a rigged vagina, and one with a bulge (the same added to my last version of the HQ EA bottom mesh). 


  • For base game.
  • For females.
  • For teen to elder.
  • In body tops and bottoms.
  • With support for the body selector of Wicked Whims.


  •  7 Packages files.
  • HQ meshes.
  • Breast with nipples as default and non-default files.
  • Breast without nipples as non-default file.
  • Bottom nude mesh without genitals, with genitals, without a rigged vagina and with bulge.
  • 1 Blender file of the breast without nipples as resource for personal CC.
  • Custom thumbnails.
  • Sample images.

Features of the update 2024-06-30:

  • Name of the mod was changed from 'Perfectly Round Breast' to 'Perfectly Round Body'.
  • Name of the files were shorted.
  • Added HQ bottom meshes with a more pronounced ass.
  • Added blender files of new bottom meshes.
  • Added support for the Body Selector of Wicked Whims for the new bottom meshes.
  • Updated thumbnails.


  • Delete all the files of the old version of this mod if you have them.
  • Decompress this file with 7-zip and move the content of the folder to My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods.  
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