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Its Movie Time v3.4.5  

Upload: 28 Apr 2023, 08:29
Last updated: 9-12-2023, 07:56
Created by: _TANK_ [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Its Movie Time v3.4.5

Want to give your sims some extra fun? Then grab this mod, it is designed especially for that. Once you download and install Its Movie Time, don't forget to get any DVDs as well, which are found in the download section (SD), or on my Patreon site here (SFW) (HD) and here (NSFW)

How it works

You can either purchase a DVD player console or standard Video Game Console (CC video game consoles should work too, as long as their creators have properly tagged them) in build buy mode and connect it with a TV (simply place it near any TV, it will connect automatically), or purchase an integrated DVD player (found in Computer->Order menu->Purchase Upgrade Parts) and have it installed on your TV, through its Upgrade menu. Once either the DVD Player Console or the Integrated DVD Player is installed, Its Movie Time menu will show up on the TV, and you can either have your Sim watch the DVDs through Turn On and Watch sub-menu or play the DVD manually, through Turn On sub-menu. The Turn On feature will lock down the TV on the chosen DVD, and no other sim will be able to take over the TV till you turn it off. This feature will come handy for those who own a Cinema venue.

Russian by Stokman
Czech by Phetrick
Polish by Astercholik
French by Angelus75
Chinese by Orchard team (provided also a Chinese tutorial on how to use the mod)

Game version compatible


Download the file below and extract its content  into your Sims 4 mods directory (typically C:\Documents\Electronic  Arts\The Sims 4\Mods).

*** IMPORTANT: If you installed my previous mod, DVDPlayerMod, please delete DVDPlayerMod.package and !DVDCORE.package, as they are both included in Its Movie Time mod. If you followed the standard installation, both DVDPlayerMod.package and !DVDCORE.package should be in your Sims 4 mod directory, inside TanksMods and TanksMods\DVDs folder respectively.


Download the file below and extract its content  into your Sims 4 mods directory (typically C:\Documents\Electronic  Arts\The Sims 4\Mods). When asked to override existing files, press Yes.


**** EP03_CityLiving Expansion Pack

**** DVDs, found here (SFW) (SD),and here (NSFW)

Sex Addict Aspiration Mod

Sex Addict Aspiration Mod NSFW

20 Jun 2022
4 319

This is my first attempt at creating a mod for the Sims 4. I made it with the Sims 4 Mod Constructor, it's really simple and it consists of a new aspiration, Sex Addict, and its two tracks that your sims can follow..

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  1. larsveeke
    larsveeke [Users]
    9 December 2023 02:14

    is updated to 3.4.6 (hotfix)

  2. larsveeke
    larsveeke [Users]
    7 December 2023 13:21

    is u[dated to 3.4.5

  3. larsveeke
    larsveeke [Users]
    20 November 2023 16:18

    is updated to V3.4.4

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      22 November 2023 07:50

      Updated, ty