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Social Consultant -MOD- V 1.3 (28.04.2024)  

Upload: 04 May 2022, 11:04
Last updated: 13-05-2024, 14:47
Created by: Sacrificial [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Social Consultant -MOD- V 1.3 (28.04.2024)

This mod adds a social consultant that you can call when you need help with a social need. A therapy session with a counselor costs 500 Simoleons. Your character's social need will be filled and he will lose all negative buffs.

Now you can call the social consultant at any time. Added new interactions for getting help with sadness, anger, discomfort, embarrassment, and stress. You can also express concern about the Covid-19 virus and learn five rules to follow to avoid getting sick.

Updated to include all languages.
This mod adds an NPC social consultant that you can call to help you with your social need.  V1.2:

  • Added a pie menu for "Social Consultant" 
  • You can now get social consults over the phone
More Retail Employees v1.3 / v1.35 4.7 KB

More Retail Employees v1.3 / v1.35

03 Apr 2022

Absolute first mod here, I've been toying with mods from others and talking with them and one of those was LittleMsSam with her retail overhaul mod and testing for it. And the idea came to me, why can we just have 3 employees? That's awfully low for mid-large retails.

New Farmland 3.0 345 MB

New Farmland 3.0

01 Apr 2022
1 080

A real functional farming town with its own interesting history will appear in your game, which your character will have to learn a lot, solve the mystery of a mysterious fire, open your own farm and develop it!

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