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Road to Fame v 0.5 D3 (30.04.2024)  

Upload: 24 Mar 2022, 16:52
Last updated: 5-05-2024, 19:34
Created by: Sacrificial [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Road to Fame v 0.5 D3 (30.04.2024)

The Sims 4 Road To Fame -MOD- V 0.5 D3 Street Dancing Release!

Mod for The Sims 4 will give your Sims the opportunity to become famous and live their lives under the spotlights in the world of The Sims. The mod features new gameplay elements that will change the routine in your Sims' lives.


  • Simstagram skill (5 levels);
  • Modeling Skill (5 levels);
  • Celebrity level (5 levels);
  • New interactions;
  • New gains;
  • Fans (NPC);
  • Paparazzi (NPC);
  • Bodyguards (NPC);
  • Makeup Artists (NPCs);
  • Assistants (NPCs);
  • Professional photographers (NPC);
  • New ways to make money;
  • Attractiveness level;
  • Woo-hoo anywhere;
  • Free will;
  • Unplayable celebrity characters;
  • Present;
  • Acting Skill;
  • Obsessed fans;
  • The art of reincarnation;
  • Celebrity trailer;
  • Trap "Death Pit";
  • Professional singing ( new );
  • Hitbeat and concerts ( new );


After installing the mod, you will have access to a new menu called Path to Glory, which is available by clicking on your Sim, and inside it you will find a new Simstagram skill bar. Your Sim can start by creating a Simstagram account, which will give them access to new skill-related interactions.

As the Simstagram skill level increases, access to new interactions will open. You will have access to the options "Take a selfie for Simstagram", "Reply to comments", "Take a selfie with a sim" and many others. All of these will boost your Simstagram followers and bring your Sim one step closer to popularity.


Once your Sim reaches 100k followers on Simstagram, they will start getting offers from small businesses that your Sim can run for profit. Offers get bigger as celebrity or Simstagram followers increase.


Your Sim will earn their first celebrity level by earning 1 million followers on Simstagram. Fans and paparazzi will start to recognize him on the streets. They will call out your Sim's name and film it on their phone while the paparazzi will catch your famous Sim in the lens.

Upon reaching celebrity level one, your Sims will be able to host a "Fan Meet" event that will bring a crowd of people and paparazzi to your Sim's location. Your Sim will have goals to complete to achieve a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal, for which you will be rewarded with Simoleons.

Notoriety also gives bonuses to your friendships and romances, which will progress more actively based on the Sim's notoriety. It will also help in work, increasing productivity also depending on the level of celebrity.


There are many things you can do for your fans for love and recognition from the world, such as signing an autograph, hugging, kissing and other interactions that you will learn about by clicking on them. You can act rudely towards the fans, which will reduce your fame and lead to the loss of offended fans. Also, paparazzi will walk around your celebrity for which you can pose or answer their questions.


Now your stars can hire bodyguards. To do this, click on your character, select "Road to Glory", then "Services" and "Hire a Bodyguard". You can change their behavior and even order them to slap, pour a drink in their face, and fight a Sim of your choice.


“Sexy positions, maintaining a figure, attracting sims and appearing on the covers of magazines! Who doesn't love to show off their modeling career? With practice and perseverance, your Sim can be the hottest in town!" - says the official description of the mod. The skill consists of five levels and with each new one you will get more and more opportunities. For example, take special diet pills, wear perfume and pose without fear of failure. Also, over time, magazines will begin to offer your model deals, which will not only allow you to be on the front pages of magazines, but also earn up to 10,000 simoleons.


Characters now have an attractiveness level that will increase when using interactions from the Modeling category. Attractiveness is measured in Simrengates. Once you reach 100 Simrengates, a new menu will open that allows you to choose which Sims you want to attract, as well as new interactions. Once selected, your Sim will constantly try to flirt in various ways, which will increase your friendships and romance. You can also disable the attraction completely.


Assistants will help you with daily tasks: cleaning, giving food or drinks, fixing makeup and buying clothes. They will also find additional promotional offers for you so that you can always earn. You can hire a maximum of 4 assistants and fire any or all at any time.


The Romantic Interactions category now includes WooHoo Right Here and Try to Conceive Right Here. They will be available if you have a good level of relationship, in fact, as well as the usual interactions associated with wuhoo. If you woo-hoo in a public place, there is a high probability that someone will be offended by this and call the police, who will not only beat you (unless, of course, you have a bodyguard), but also issue a fine. If you are caught red-handed by the paparazzi, then they may start using social media to reduce your popularity, which will cause you to start losing followers and celebrity level, which can eventually lead to an emotional breakdown.


Sims can now give gifts to each other and receive them from their fans! To give a gift, click on a Sim > Path to Glory > Give and select a gift - this action improves friendships between Sims. Fans of your celebrity will also give gifts. You can find them in family luggage.


Now your rising stars can spontaneously perform Simstagram and modeling related activities and incorporate them into their routine.


Fill the city with celebrities or create and choose your own! Your Sims can now become fans of their favorite idols.


Beware, those creepy obsessed fans won't leave your celebrity! They will do anything to get what they want from their idol. This is a new type of NPC that will stalk your Sim and do various annoying things.

  • Will appear upon reaching the third level of celebrity;
  • They will try to flirt with you;
  • Will fight with your other fans;
  • They will rummage through your garbage;
  • They will enter your home;
  • Will give useless gifts;
  • To prevent them from appearing on your lot, you can add the No Obsessed Fans trait for it.


Make your Sim the most dramatic in town! Emotion, react and dramatize! Does your Sim have the qualities that make them worthy of becoming the new greatest actor! Get ready for cameras and dramatic scenes pointing at you!


By doing acting interactions, your Sim will increase their impersonation art! Once he reaches level 100, he will start getting job offers! Movie Offers reward your Sim with a celebrity level boost upon completion of filming and a fee of 5,000 Simoleons.

You can start filming on the current lot your Sim is on. To become famous from acting, you need to successfully complete the Filming Event.


You can call the police using the Services menu, which will arrest anyone who attacks your Sim (in case they lose) or obsessed fans who are too clingy for three days. There is also an option to report a specific Sim.


The permanent abode of celebrities and the comfort they get while away from home. This trailer supports stars of any genre.

  • You can relax in the trailer to restore the needs of the Sims;
  • In the trailer, you can woo-hoo and dress up Sims;
  • Your character will receive a trailer for free upon reaching the second celebrity level;
  • You can move the trailer in live mode;
  • Requires the Get Together! , but the author promises to solve this problem in the future.


Tired of Sims invading your celebrity's privacy?! Don't worry about it anymore! Introducing the Death Pit Trap, the most effective way to get rid of Sims in your town.

  • You can send Sims into the pit to get rid of them;
  • Depending on the type of pit selected, Sims will automatically fall into it;
  • You can disable automatic fall into the pit;
  • The pit can be placed in the character's inventory and placed anywhere in live mode.


Requires City Living DLC ​​to work

It's time to show the world your beautiful voice, work on music and albums, and start touring around the world! Professional singing skill consists of 5 levels:

Level Description
0 You need to practice singing in order to acquire the first level of the skill.
one Your character is taking the first steps to become a professional singer! He needs a clear mind and a healthy attitude to write soulful lyrics and record songs! New interactions: "Compose lyrics" and "Record a song for SimlishCloud".
2 It's time to share your character's marvelous creativity with the world! New interactions: "Upload recorded song", "Reply to comments in SimlishCloud", "Buy lyrics", "Impress with singing" + more songs in SimlishCloud.
3 It's time to start capitalizing on your character's talent and earn some Simoleons! New Interactions: Perform for a Tip, Hire a Backing Dancer (she will dance next to a Sim while performing for a tip or on stage), Love Song by clicking on the desired character + more songs in SimlishCloud.
4 What do singers do when their singles are successful? They are releasing albums! Your Sim finally becomes a crowd favorite! New interactions: "Record some songs in the studio", "Work on an album", "Release an album" + more songs in SimlishCloud.
five Sims around the world are crazy about your character's music! Everyone wants him to sing a song for them! New Interactions: "View Requests for a Private Performance" + more songs on SimlishCloud.


By releasing songs and albums using the Professional Singing skill, the character will increase their HitBit. When it reaches 100 points, your Sim will start receiving  offers to host a concert . To hold a concert, click on the character > Path to Glory > Professional Singing > Start Concert.

Please note: the concert will start in the current segment (but you can arrange a concert in another segment by going to it first). A recording kit must be placed on the concert site! You can also open the Gallery and search for the venue using the hashtag #RTF (don't forget to check the box next to "Add additional materials") to download the finished stage and feel the real enjoyment of the performance!

If you want to build the stage yourself, then don't forget to place the sound kit and the fan pointer, which can be found in the buy mode (you must first enter the code  bb.showhiddenobjects ).

Multi-Purpose Furniture: Seating/Bookshelves

Multi-Purpose Furniture: Seating/Bookshelves

09 Jan 2023

This one was super tricky and I almost gave up on it before getting a request for it. But there's a trick to it. Each piece of furniture is actually two objects. I split the books from the seat and divided the original object cost between them (§50 for the books and the rest is the seat).

Baby/toddler trait bundle!

Baby/toddler trait bundle!

29 Jun 2022

Have you noticed that there are very few character traits for kids in the game? But sometimes you really want variety for our children. This mod will bring as many as 7 new and very interesting features for this age group. Now your kids will have something to strive for!

Mini-mod: Front Desk 5 KB

Mini-mod: Front Desk

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This is a simple mod that allows you to add a front desk receptionist to any community lot. To do so, just plop down a "THE Front Desk" object on the lot and place a computer and office chair in its slots.

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    All the Sacrificial mods are updated (including the jr ones on patron)

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