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No more placemats - no more broken restaurants  

Upload: 25 May 2023, 11:17
Created by: VeiledWoman [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
No more placemats - no more broken restaurants

Well, my restaurants kept giving me errors on re-visiting and after some research I've found out that it is placemats drawings that causes it, which are not being properly cleaned-up for some reason.

This simple mod just nullifies all placemats-related interactions for good so these items would stop being generated and breaking restaurant lots.

Possible error codes are 123:20ece5dd:[ecd1bc37] or [bee5c638] or even others. Check it out if you have any problem with restaurant not loading after re-visiting.

IMPORTANT: This mod cannot repair an already broken restaurant, you need to do it yourself by deleting all the remained placemats on lot through build mode. This mod can only prevent the problem from repeating.

Ding & Ditch Smart Doorbell 931.8 kB

Ding & Ditch Smart Doorbell

19 Mar 2022
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The Spellbook Injector 14.8 KB

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More Expensive Lot Prices 5.8 KB

More Expensive Lot Prices

14 Jun 2022

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