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Serene Skin  

Upload: 14 Sep 2023, 13:40
Created by: CRWREX [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Serene Skin

A texture replacer for CBBE/TWB attempting
to adapt PureSkinTexture from Skyrim to Fallout 4.

Silky Sharp 8K body & 2K hand Specular maps with appropriately Glossy nails.
True to the original, 8k body & 2k hand Diffuse maps both Clean & Freckled in proper BC7 Compression.
Smooth 4K hand & body Normal maps with Chubby,Slim,Fit & Muscle Variants.
Face textures Directly adapted from PureSkin with Sharp Specular map both in 1K&2K Variants.

V1.5 Info:
Mod is now Skin Override Looksmenu Based. I know that  might  displease some people but here is my reasoning.
Zero Conflicts with other face/body  texture mods. so now you can use whatever you feel comfortable for  NPCs and they dont need to run on mismatched 8K textures.Also since the Filepaths are Unique,all files are now packed in a BA2 without the fear of being Overwritten. Performance hit should be non existant. You have more Variety for your Actors since you have 3 Unique body meshes on Different texture combinations each, with no need for Unique Player.
If you are using HPFR Seamless you are already invested in Skin Overrides so no harm done and its also Conflict Free with whatever HPFR Seamless Textures/Patches you might be using.Just give it a shot xD it wont break anything,won't conflict with anything and won't affect performance in any noticable way :) 
The new Texture variations are just a fraction of what i had prepared. the project got too big and after a few months i decided to release only what i was confident in. 

So whats new is:

-Chubby Maps
-Muscle Maps
-Fixes on Slim & Fit Maps
-Freckled Variations on all Map Styles

V1.5 Requirements :

True Wasteland Body 
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE

Real HD Face Textures 2K

HiPoly Faces ReduxRecommended:
Expressive Expressions(For the Improved Teeth Textures)

V1.5 Instructions :

1)Open Bodyslide and Build your Body meshes
(Search for "Serene")
2) SLM any actor & Navigate to Body->Skin.
3)Apply your Body/Texture Combination of Choice, Accept and go back to the initial LM Menu.
4)Navigate to Extras->Serene Skin and Apply your Face Textures.
(Make sure to match your Skin Override Choice.)
5) You can exit out of Looksmenu and your Character will use his own Body,Hand,Headrear & Face Textures along with his Unique Body mesh.


Serene Skin Overrides
1K Face Patch
TWB 3BBB Patch

xVASynth 2 - F4VA Synth 2.1.0

xVASynth 2 - F4VA Synth 2.1.0 NSFW

18 Jun 2022

xVASynth is an AI tool for generating high-quality voice acting lines using voices from video games. The app supports hundreds of voices, across dozens of games, and provides pitch, duration, and energy control at per-letter granularity.

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