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Known And Collected  

Upload: 24 Nov 2022, 04:10
Created by: UnCheat
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Known And Collected

Collecting or managing books, VHS or CDs has never been so relaxing

UI icons for:
Not looted books, CDs or VHS
Books or media with skill or recipe
Not played media

Now with Alternative Inventory Render support

This is a fully functional but a RAW code version of the mod that I might rewrite or polish in the future

Uncollected ( not looted ):
1. Shown for each never collected book, VHS or CD
2. Automatic unmarking when transferring an item
3. Manual change using item options (right click) (toggle via mod options)
4. Automatic unmarking of inventory items and inventory container's items on a first time mod run

Unknown ( skill / recipe ):
1. For each book/recipe that you can study for a skill boost
2. For media (CD & VHS) with skill or recipe

Unfinished (skill):
1. For unfinished books

 Unvailable unknown ( skill ):
1. For books that you can study after a sufficient skill level for a skill boost

1. For each unplayed disc without skill
2. For each unwatched VHS without skill

To setup mod as you like use Mod options
Also you can enable modded media support via Mod options

Future plans (not implemented yet):
1. Manual set focus mark on items
2. Track all collected items (might be optional)

Mod does not overwrite main functionality so it's very compatible

Reported incompatibility:
Snakes mod - breaks the collected icon

Compatibility with mods:
1. Alternative Inventory Rendering: On a A.I.R. mod options uncheck Alternative Inventory Rendering books and media related icons render (so there will be no overlap icons).

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