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Eerie Country  

Upload: 23 Jun 2023, 11:02
Created by: AtoxWarrior [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Eerie Country

Beta V0.34

Venture out to explore the unknown, in this land where the dead dominate civilization, only offering rewards to survivors who are willing to explore beyond their shelters.

The map is divided into 4 spawning zones A,B,C,D, zone A is not yet accessible, there is also the random spawning "Eerie Country" which is the combination of all the zones for those who want a more random start.

Interactive map:

Map with coordinates:

Compatible Mods:

Clear Cove 35 MB

Clear Cove

27 Dec 2022
1 319

Clear Cove is a large, highly polished standalone map for Project Zomboid. Standalone means that it's not part of the vanilla map, it's its own new world that you are meant to explore and discover.



08 Aug 2022

The river has frozen north-east of LV and some kind of landmass has become visible over the water.... something strange is happening there.... Quickly, before the ice melts, make your way across.

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  1. алекс
    алекс [Guests]
    12 May 2024 09:40

    обновите пж до версии Beta V0.35