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Camden County  

Upload: 24 Nov 2022, 03:52
Created by: spoon [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Camden County
Not JUST a map, an experience.

Huge fictional STANDALONE 20x20 map with 400 cells. Every single cell, including forest cells are hand painted one by one - often many times, to make the overall areal view more realistic and to give more detail on close up as well. I made this map around 3 months. With the overall theme of the map, the vegetation I have added and the extra grime/trash/plants randomly generated by a script I modified, it is suggested to play this map with "12 months later" setting and with 'Barricaded World' mod - But you CAN run it with default start settings as well and the world looks decently clean for a poor rundown rural countryside.

There are some decent size towns along with smaller villages, trailerparks and industrial ares + the map is scattered with farms, remote houses, hermit nests, army camps and mines. In between those mentioned before are huge forests, farmlands and swamp.

I put in a lot of effort to make everything as randomized and unique compared to eachother as possible. There are no backyards looking a like or no big building that repeats itself - only some of the barns and warehouses do, from outside.

Details :
  • Realistic zombie spawn map that will make notable difference between urban and rural areas. HEAVILY SUGGESTED start settings : Population > Zombie Count = "Normal" and Advanced Zombie Options = First three "0.3"
  • Roads run more naturally and are not bound by the PZ curve angles. Infrastructure of the whole map is laid out more chaotically, just like in the real world, there are no patterns or area fillers to make everything spread out evenly.
  • A nice railroad with occasional abandoned railcars runs through the map.
  • Good chunk of the buildings are made/modified by myself and lot are borrowed from the community pack, but most are vanilla - modified to represent a more rural feel.
  • Some of the homes have gun lockers in them(Mostly farms) + police stations and gun stores yield more guns per se.
  • Bushes and some forest plants are duplicated into new tiles that wont interfere with the overgrowth mechanic and have a negative effect on players movement, making forested areas, riversides, lakesides and swamp more alive and harder to navigate.
  • All forested areas are littered with small thick vegetation patches that will make movement and vision lot harder but at the same time forest as a whole will keep its large trees on the most part. There is also a modified version of -10 years later OLD- mod incorporated into the map that will cover only dark grass tiles with certain plants - mostly to give the forest more realistic look. The same script covers most outdoors/indoors tiles with separate sets of randomly generated trash/grime/blood in decent quantities(All ground overlays can be removed with Right Click+Clean Ground).
  • Some parts of the map are swampy and impassable, with proper swamp visuals and vegatation. You can collect water from the swamp but can't fish there.
  • Some shallow parts of the main river are passable - you'll know when you come across one. You may come across some semi-dried up rivers and small bonds. Fishing is enabled only on the main river and the biggest lake.
  • Farmlands, where every field is hand painted one by one with a lot of variations between them. With a lot of farms in between them, they give out a decent rural vibe.
  • Large forestry areas with sawmills and logging patches variyng on visuals - depending on how old the patch is.
  • Most of the industrial equipment can be dissasembled. You can also dissasemble railroad and large metal beams if you like - good to get metal scrap. Visual rock formations on the map can be smashed with a hammer into smaller rocks that can be used to build stuff.
  • Player spawn points are scattered across the map, bit further away from big towns.
  • Map GPS is disabled. There is a lootable hand made custom map for Camden County.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY , after many hours of testing I discovered that large forage zones that are made smaller,overlaying them with other zones, will keep the original zone size it has on the objects.lua and the forage distribution script will spawn and distribute things based on that, no matter how small visually, these zones will always have plenty of stuff in them . SO... I gave my map around 15.000 small zones . This will force players to use new locations to forage more stuff as the zones will now get refilled slowly when picked clean. It will create a natural need to wonder further from your home area.

Updates and future features.

I did a sting of HotFixes to various minor things. Most of the script updates are savegame friendly and will update on existing savegames as well. Some of the map changes wont't update on old savegames but they won't break them either. I am not planning on updating the map in any big manner in the future. I'll keep my eye on the chat and if something really annoying is reported I will look into it. Everything should be now as it was intended to be.

Credits :

To all the people making those buildings. Including PZ team. Thank you.
Special BIG BIG BIG credits and thank you's to Azakaela for letting me use the rock formation tiles she made, to Dane for letting me use and moddify his '10 years later' mod script AND of course Daddy Dirkiedirk for making those awesome tutorial videos about mapping.

[Stalker] The Zone 60 MB

[Stalker] The Zone

22 Jul 2022

A (somewhat accurate) recreation of the Zone. Currently its not really playable (you can explore it, but wont survive on it for very long), only publishing it so people can leave feedback.

Chestown 700 KB


29 Jul 2022
5 485

This town sits on the western part of the Exclusion Zone, south of Riverside. Tall apartment buildings and wealthy suburbs await you, however be wary of its narrow alleyways and even narrower staircases, death will await you at every turn so be cautious with every step you take.

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