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LAMABOY Adult Animations for WickedWhims 2.5  

Upload: 26 Jun 2023, 00:49
Last updated: 19-12-2023, 21:55
Created by: LAMABOY [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Edit Reason: Updated - 19-12-2023, 21:55 » [Aqxaro]
LAMABOY Adult Animations for WickedWhims 2.5

Hey Everyone! and welcome to lamaboy. I am creating this page where I will be sharing all my NSFW content for The Sims 4, You can expect some high-quality animations here.

All the animations will be a part of a big set, I think this will make them more meaningful, and fun to play with. however, I will work on them separately during different time frames, if I got inspired by a new idea, I may start working on a new set.


  • All the animations have physiques to them, impacts, and jiggles...
  • Every animation will come with its own visual effects if necessary
  • All males animations will have penis/testicles movements 
  • All animations are fully equipped with in-game sound



Intersex 90 KB

Intersex NSFW

23 Apr 2022
2 890

Those who know me & my sim Oliver know that he is Intersex and there is limited to no representation for it in the Sims 4 community. I have asked multiple other LGBT+ creators about adding it to their Mods only to be told no. So here I am, doing it myself.

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  1. Urmatcha
    Urmatcha [Guests]
    Yesterday, 01:02

    Can you update pls

  2. sims4player420
    sims4player420 [Users]
    18 May 2024 22:08

    this has been updated

  3. Buffy
    Buffy [Guests]
    15 May 2024 01:05

    Hello admin can we get an update pls, 

  4. Гена Ситников
    Гена Ситников [Users]
    17 April 2024 12:36

    Всем привет а асеть ли Patreon версия не подскажите!!!

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      17 April 2024 14:10
      1. Гена Ситников
        Гена Ситников [Users]
        17 April 2024 14:19

        Бльшое спасибо!!!👍

      2. Buffy
        Buffy [Guests]
        18 May 2024 13:34

        Can you update this pls

        1. Гена Ситников
          Гена Ситников [Users]
          18 May 2024 13:54

          А с L.L почему не скачате!!!

  5. Roth
    Roth [Guests]
    25 March 2024 08:42

    Pls can you update this i saw updates on their patreon

  6. Alittleloe
    Alittleloe [Guests]
    7 March 2024 00:16

    Hello admin can we get an update for this pls

  7. Arter
    Arter [Guests]
    6 January 2024 23:30

    This is one that we all need. Come on guys! 😁

  8. Lamaboy
    Lamaboy [Guests]
    1 January 2024 13:48

    This time you guys will never get to steal my patreon work. That's a challenge

  9. agu67
    agu67 [Guests]
    31 December 2023 11:04

    Please update with the latest patreon version! Please!

  10. ugo98
    ugo98 [Users]
    20 December 2023 08:27

    have you seriously updated the file with the public version?

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      20 December 2023 11:34

      There was version 2.0, now it is 2.5, and the package size is 4 MB larger.

      1. ugo98
        ugo98 [Users]
        20 December 2023 12:04

        yes but version 2.5 is the public one that can be found on loverslab. It's not the patreon version

        1. Aqxaro
          Aqxaro [Admin]
          20 December 2023 13:07

          I know. But now I can't afford the Patreon version. In the near future.

          1. PLGDante
            PLGDante [Chief editors]
            20 December 2023 14:28

            Me neither,

            we will try to update asap

          2. ugo98
            ugo98 [Users]
            21 December 2023 09:34

            Oh thank you!

  11. Nategawd
    Nategawd [Guests]
    18 December 2023 15:23

    What about heated animations please? Standing heated??

  12. Steveo
    Steveo [Guests]
    18 November 2023 16:53

    Any updates for this mod? Thanks in advance!

  13. ugo98
    ugo98 [Guests]
    30 October 2023 12:50

    Update please🙁

  14. Stokman
    Stokman [Guests]
    21 October 2023 18:56

    Updated please🙁

    1. Stokman
      Stokman [Guests]
      21 October 2023 19:00

      New patreon version

  15. ugo98
    ugo98 [Guests]
    31 August 2023 08:57

    There is new patreon version, can we have it?

    1. PLGDante
      PLGDante [Chief editors]
      31 August 2023 10:23

      Updated.. Here you go

      1. ugo98
        ugo98 [Guests]
        31 August 2023 12:19

        Thank you!

  16. Allan
    Allan [Guests]
    9 August 2023 21:19

    Any updates for this mod? Thanks!

    1. PLGDante
      PLGDante [Chief editors]
      10 August 2023 03:57

      Here you go

      1. Anyebe Agatha
        Anyebe Agatha [Users]
        27 December 2023 20:18

        me too please

  17. Arter
    Arter [Guests]
    22 July 2023 07:39

    Having the Patreon version would be amazing, pretty please!

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      22 July 2023 11:22

      Added, link in description. Thanks a lot to our editor PLGDante

      1. Arter
        Arter [Guests]
        22 July 2023 14:45

        You guys are the best!

      2. Bavs
        Bavs [Guests]
        23 July 2023 02:01


  18. Tony
    Tony [Guests]
    12 July 2023 02:42

    Can we have the patreon version please?