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Extreme Violence -Mod- v2.5.3 Redemption Release! (04.07.2024)  

Upload: 21 Mar 2022, 08:05
Last updated: 9-07-2024, 16:55
Created by: Sacrificial [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
Edit Reason: Version updated to 2.5.3 - 9-07-2024, 16:55 » [Aqxaro]
Extreme Violence -Mod- v2.5.3 Redemption Release! (04.07.2024)

Mod "Extreme Violence" from the author of "Road to Glory" is available in Russian. Be warned that it contains many violent scenes!

The end of hate sims lives on with 6 new kills using a range of new armed weapons or are your sims barehanded or... loot...? 


  •  Spray with machine gun 
  •  Shoot with a shotgun
  •  Slow machete slots
  •  Sliced ​​shawarma machete
  •  Neck crack
  •  Head crash with booty

Deadly with a chance of survival"

  • Ignite "Using Molotov"

Non-lethal interactions:

  • Smash your head with a bottle
  • Perform Taekwondo Kicks "Martial arts interaction that works like the "Beat Up" interaction"

Optional Update
Sims will now limp after being "beaten", "dragged", "taekwondo kicked"

Psychopathic Tendencies Aspiration:
My very first aspiration that I ever add to any of my mods!)

  • An Aspiration for true psychopathic sims filled with progressive milestones to turn your sim into the most infamous feared killer!
  • The aspiration has a startup reward trait (Master/Mistress Of Disguise)
  • Your sim receives a reward trait (Horrifying Intimidation) by completing the aspiration
  • Each reward trait comes with a unique interaction to enable/disable the effect of the trait
  • Each goal found inside the aspiration has a full description on how  to complete it when hovering the mouse over the goal.

    Other Changes/Features:
  • Sims will now get a "Prison Break" moodlet when escaping out of jail & a notification mentioning it.
  • Sims will now get a moodlet "Above Authority" when murdering a police officer.
  • Cops will no longer fall in a helicopter crash after arresting a sim & will return normally instead.

The file is uploaded to this post, in the bottom left corner 

Compatibility: "Requires base game only"

Available Violent Actions:

Deadly Interactions:

  • Stick a knife in the back
  • rip open the stomach
  • Strangle
  • Suffocate with a diaper
  • slaughter with a machete
  • Slash with a machete in slow mo
  • Shoot
  • Shoot with a shotgun
  • cut throat
  • Set fire!
  • Chop to pieces with a machete
  • pierce with sai
  • Chop the head with an ax
  • Punch in the jaw
  • Poke a pen
  • Smash your head with your ass
  • Shoot with a machine gun
  • Dismember with a chainsaw
  • Run down on a bike and shoot
  • Collapse your neck
  • Burn with a flamethrower
  • Death from the sky
  • Smother with fried cheese
  • Stabbed in the chest
  • Stab in the neck
  • Hit with a bat
  • Open Fire - With this interaction, your character can kill anyone who stands in front of him.

Non-lethal interactions

  • Rip out hair
  • give in the face
  • Slap - Children will pass out after this interaction.
  • beat up
  • Break your head with a bottle
  • Bump
  • Stab in the stomach - if you hit a pregnant Sim, he will have a miscarriage.
  • Hit in the groin
  • Perform taekwondo kicks

Nonviolent Interactions

  • Substitute
  • Put an end to the criminal partnership
  • Ask to become an accomplice in crime
  • Chase
  • To steal money
  • Hack Information


  • rip open the stomach
  • Slit Your Wrists
    If you're depressed or have suicidal thoughts, please join the author's  Discord channel and talk about it.

New Murders (8):

  • Run Over With A Car
  • Throw Helicopter At
  • The Plunge
  • Super Kick
  • Super RKO
  • Tombstone Piledriver
  • Friendly Backstab
  • RIP Heart Out

All of the new murders include the self defense/dodge ability.

Holding A Sim At Gun Point For Money:

*Available in the "Non Deadly Interactions" category

  • You can hold any sim at gun point in front of other sims to earn money
  • Sims around you will freak out and might call the police
  • The cops will arrest your sim if they arrived on the scene while you're holding someone

Spraying UZI out of a car:

*Available in the "Extreme Violence" menu when clicking on self 
(Controlled Sim)

  • Your sim will hop on a car and start shooting at sims while drifting
  • Similar to the "Open Gunfire" interaction, but this one covers a wider range killing anyone standing in a circle near your sim

Murder "Holiday Tradition":

  • You can find the new "Murder" tradition in the calender when you create a custom holiday "Requires Seasons EP"
  • By selecting this tradition, all sims will start killing each other once the holiday starts, with no consequences.
  • Sims will not kill others that they have a 15% positive relationship with
  • You can exclude certain sims from participating in the tradition from the mod's option's menu.*
  • *Click on a sim --> Extreme Violence --> Options --> Autonomy --> Disallow/Allow Sim To Participate In The Murder Holiday Tradition.

Ripping A Sim's Heart Out:

  • After you rip a sim's heart out from the "Deadly Interactions" category, your sim will obtain that sim's heart and keep it in their inventory.
  • You can keep it as a trophy, sell it, or eat it to recover your hunger need OR your vampire's thirst & power.

General Changes & Fixes:

  • Sims can now "Wash Blood Off" in the shower!
  • Fixed a bug introduced in V 2.2 where sims would cancel the "Chat" interaction even if there's no murder happening.
    I apologize sincerely for this one 
  • Decreased the chances of a sim passing out after getting attacked to 10% instead of a 100%
  • Obtaining a higher violent reputation will now count towards completing the "Psychopathic Tendencies Aspiration"'s reputation goals.

      **For example: having a murderer reputation will count towards completing the "Obtain The Violent Sim Reputation" or the "Offender Reputation" goals.

  • Sims with the "Psychopathic Tendencies Aspiration's "Reward trait "Horrifying Intimidation" will no longer be killed by witnesses if they have a "Murderer Reputation"
  • Grim Reaper will no longer beat up a sim when the "Disabled Grim Reaper's Negative Reactions" option is activated.
  • Fixed "Give (Sim Name) Money To Clear Up Bad Reputation" interaction bug & last exception and the text to display the selected sim's name instead of the controlled sim.
  • Removed the blank animations clip packs from the clip pack list in Andrew's Pose Player, Pose By Pack.
Amusement Park Lot Trait

Amusement Park Lot Trait

13 Jun 2022

This new lot trait will allow you to create your own Amusement Park in your game. There are other custom content creators on this theme, you can easily finds items to create your own park.

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  1. VLSKR
    VLSKR [Guests]
    6 March 2024 16:43

    Hi ! Do you still have a link to the previous version before the latest update ?

    I'm looking for the right version of the mod for the game version, it should be V2.5.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Aqxaro
      Aqxaro [Admin]
      6 March 2024 17:10

      Yes, sure. We have any version of this mod. Here's 2.5

      1. VLSKR
        VLSKR [Guests]
        6 March 2024 17:23

        TYSM !!

        May i ask you one last favor ? do you have the 2.5.1 as well ?

        Since i don't know wich one is working with the vesion of the game i need to test few versions.

        Thanks in adance.

        1. Aqxaro
          Aqxaro [Admin]
          6 March 2024 17:41

          There was no version 2.5.1, before 2.4.x
          2.5.1 was only a day as far as I remember. The author re-uploaded it later

          1. VLSKR
            VLSKR [Guests]
            6 March 2024 17:47

            You rock ! thank you !

            Have a good one !