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CAS Sanity  

Upload: 05 Mar 2023, 18:40
Created by: helaene [X]
Uploaded by: Aqxaro
CAS Sanity

Over 1,800CAS items re-sorted into more sensible categories, plus a file to override default randomization behavior.

This project may continue to receive updates over time.


1) CAS Default Replacements:

Example Modifications:

  • shorts and tank tops to hot weather, coats to cold weather
  • afro-textured hair only allowed for random in dark colors
  • age-appropriateness (crop tops and mini skirts disabled for elders...)
  • fixing many male items which also showed for females
  • garish colors and crazy patterns disabled for random
  • enabling clothing for opposite gender when appropriate


  • These CAS items will show as custom content in your game (and in the Gallery). If you want to upload your Sims without it showing as custom content, remove the overrides from your game temporarily and then upload.
  • There may be some compromises to using items on opposite frame/gender Sims, based on some issues with how they implemented these systems. If you notice any major problems with this, let me know!
  • This doesn't help with combinations, for instance, the game will still pair sneakers with dresses, and orange with red... but by disabling some of the worst offenders for random use, its a bit more bearable. :P

❤️Download CAS Overrides (merged by pack) on Google Drive

Files are separated by pack, so download only the ones that you own.


2) Randomization Override (OPTIONAL):

This file is similar to (and conflicts with) SimplyAnjuta's No Make-Up mod to modify what CAS items will be applied to randomly generated Sims (such as NPCs), but it has some differences. Use hers if you don't like the other bits I've added!

  • Maximum Fatness and Fitness for randomized Sims is 50% (default is 100%). Please note this is not intended to be fatphobic - the distortion of the meshes at larger sizes (both athletic and curviness) has always seemed unrealistic and bothered me, and I'd rather use those more extreme settings manually. This does not restrict going down to -100% or up to 100% manually!
  • Hats, Accessories, Make-up, Tattoos will NOT be used on randomized Sims. It's more extreme than I wish it needed to be, but the game is relentless about applying these items in ridiculous ways.
  • Randomized clothing will be full outfits vs. separate tops/bottoms 25% of the time (I find that you see the same few full outfits too often).

❤️Download a Randomization file if you want (attached)

Two flavors now available (choose one):

  • no accessories at all
  • only glasses allowed (no other accessories)


This has been a total labor of love over the past months, so I really hope you notice a big difference in your game! Please don't hesitate to leave a comment to let me know you're enjoying it or if you have any constructive feedback.

I added a  new #cas-sanity channel on Discord server, feel free to stop by and make suggestions!

Change Log:

Feb 28, 2023 ~100 additional CAS items added to merged files (sort by Last Modified date in Google Drive to see which ones have been updated).

March 2, 2023 added a version of the Randomization Override which enables Glasses (~50% of the time)


Vampires - More Plasma Packs

Vampires - More Plasma Packs

10 Nov 2022

I'm against Plasma Packs but for the purpose of my testing other mods, I didn't want to bother hunting so I added two Plasma Packs that fill thirst way more than the standard one. They also cost way more, being a vampire is expensive.

Mail Carrier Career

Mail Carrier Career

19 Jul 2023

Do you like playing one track NPC careers? I hope so because here's another! Define the NPC Mail Carrier that brings you bills every day! Could be fun, right? I think so anyway.

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  1. Ess
    Ess [Guests]
    9 July 2024 00:12

    According to EA, the wearing of long hair, lipstick and dresses by male sims is NORMAL. Just as normal as the fact that half the population must be homosexual.